Your April 2022 Monthly Horoscope
We've reached out to astrologer and spiritualist, Michelle - @michelle_fromthemoon - for some much needed guidance for April. Michelle takes advice from the moon, using the moon's cycles and astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery. Continue reading below to hear everything you need to know for the month ahead!
~ Welcome to actionable April ~


April is encouraging us to charge ahead. We are tasked to heal, repair, initiate & execute. The Aries side of April is about us finding our individuality with strategy through healing & self examination whereas Taurus season is when we make a solid commitment & build roots with our plans.

The sun in Aries meets Chiron { the wounded healer.} Here we can heal basically anything as the sun in Aries represents the individual & will make us passionate, assertive, productive & give us a boost in action coming from within ourselves all whilst Chiron is there holding our inner-child's hand. Mercury in Aries until April 5th is a good transit to negotiate & initiate going into taurus. It supports us to stand our new found grounds & Mars in Pisces will soften us up & bring us all together in fated oneness. April will bring endless transits of lucky boosts in our areas of self, work, love & responsibilities. 

As we give over to Taurus szn { ruled by venus & Uranus } things will definitely heat & speed up & take unexpected turns. Pin the 30th of April in your calendars; it’s getting divine, fated, magical & witchy real quick!


The Chariot | King Of Swords

The sun is moving through your 6th house of health, fitness, work habits, organisation, sense of usefulness and service given. This season you will be focusing on your health and your routine. You will end March by letting go of some old thinking patterns that might have been kept in your subconscious. This will bring fresh energy into your everyday life. Sports will make you feel extremely good this time around. Towards the second half of the month, you might feel inclined to show some acts of love to your partner or close friends and you will receive it back (even gifts). 


7 of Pentacles | The Sun

 The sun is moving through your 5th house of romance, love, play, self-expressions and creativity. In the following month, you will focus on matters of creativity, personal projects and genuinely enjoying life. You will consider the way you communicate with your friends and maybe make some adjustments where needed. April will give you lots of inspiration and time to invest in a new hobby or in a new love interest. The second part of the month will direct you to focusing on self care and maybe making a practical purchase.  


3 of Wands Reversed | The Devil in Reverse

The sun is moving through your 4th house of home, divine mother and roots. This month might be highly emotional for you. This season your focus will be on family and home. Letting go of some limits you might have had related to your career is what will happen for you at the end of March. This will bring more energy in your everyday home environment and even a sense of relaxation. You might feel rushed to work on your independence in April, but pay attention to how you speak with your close ones. In the second part of April, you might feel inspired to invest in a hobby or indulge in some fun activity.


Knight of Swords | 9 of Cups

 The sun moves through your 3rd house of communication and social affairs. In the past there might have been a need to overlook the details and around the end of March this habit might fade away. This will bring focus on your thinking patterns and the way you speak about the things that actually matter to you. A new cycle of being more direct will begin. Towards the second half of April you might want to spend more time with your family or in your home environment.


Ten of Swords | Ace of Swords

The sun moves through your second house of safety, foundations and home. The following month for you will be all about your income and how to get closer to your financial and life goals. At the end of March, you will need to let go of putting others first. This shift will make it easier for you to say what you actually think and what you believe in. As a reward, a new phase of being more certain of your direction in life and communicating straightforwardly will begin. In the second half of April, your talents will be highly appreciated as long as you speak from your heart. 

High Priestess | Strength

 The sun is moving through your 1st house house of self this month. This is your season! In the following month, you will be feeling more like yourself than ever. There will be a period of letting go of being who everyone wants you to be and instead a focus on who you actually are. It’s a great time to reach your fullest potential communication-wise, but be mindful about impulsive speaking. After this clearing moment, you will fully embrace your independent self and this will pay off later with some increase in money or an increase in your self esteem.

The Empress | 7 of Wands

The sun is moving through your 12th house of endings, healing, closure, karma, dreams spiritually, what’s hidden, limiting beliefs and the subconscious. In the following month, you might experience a sudden desire to dive deep into your spiritual side or your dreams. Maybe you will slow down with the pressure you put on yourself because of your daily routine and have more faith that you are on the right path. This might bring up things that you might have kept inside for too long and will give you a sense of fresh energy. Others will notice this change and will admire you. There might be some transformation in appearance as well!


Death | 2 of Wands

The sun is moving through your 11th house of social awareness, hopes and wishes, technology, friends, humanitarianism, freedom and the future. You might start the season with a celebration or a small gathering with a group of people that will bring back sweet memories. By the end of March, you will let go of some limits you would impose on yourself about a hobby you are working on and will just go for it. Or perhaps you will finally open up to someone you have feelings for. It’s time to build a special connection with a person or to invest more into your dreams. You might also focus on a hidden side of your personality that you didn’t before.


The Chariot | Queen of Pentacles

The sun is moving through your 10th house of career, long term goals, structure, reputation, public image and masculinity. The upcoming month will be great for your career, as you will show your individualistic side more without trying to please everyone. You will work on letting go of some unhealthy family dynamics or ways of thinking you formed as a child. This will help you feel more motivated to impose some boundaries career-wise. Towards the second half of the month, you will focus on nurturing your friendships and maybe even turning a friend into a lover. You will be admired by a group of people. 


8 of Pentacles | Ace of Pentacles

The sun is moving through your 9th house of expansion, travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education and learnings and ethics. Your focus this season will be on learning something new or gaining more knowledge on an already familiar subject. You will let go of paying too much attention to your immediate environment and instead you will look more at the big questions of life, thinking more forward. This will give you a new perspective about the world which you will be eager to share with those around you. You might receive recognition in your career or receive a sum of money.


10 of Wands | The Star 


The sun moves through your 8th house of merging, sex, intimacy, inheritance, taxes, goals and mystery. This season for you will be all about improving your partnerships or just gaining a general mood boost. We have a full moon in your sign on the 18th which will be super special for you as it is affecting your first house of self. You will end some cycles within yourself to step into the new year and new you. You will need to let go of past feelings that do not serve you anymore. You might also communicate about deep emotions you had for a while and there will be a new beginning related to your mental health. Be mindful about managing your anger. Towards the second part of April, you will invest in learning a new subject, a long distance communication or even a trip. 


Queen of Pentacles | Queen of Swords
The sun is moving through your 7th house of relationships, marriage, business partners, contracts, interpersonal style. This season will have you focused on the close relationships in your life (romantic or not). The end of March will find you needing to let go of some external opinions that others might have on you. In April, you will be speaking up about some issues that might have bothered you before related to someone close. This communication will bring fresh energies into your relationships and maybe even in your love life. There is potential to deepen a connection towards the second half of the month. 
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