The Twiin "How To Shop Our Sale & Still Be Sustainable" Guide

The first weekend in January - ooof that's a tricky time of the year: the holidays are drawing to a close, festivities over, resolutions made (DryJanuary, Veganuary anyone?), winter still has months to go -  its all looking just a little too depressing frankly. What's a soul to do to cheer themselves up a little? For millions of us, the easy answer has to be retail therapy. With Christmas out of the way, it's a whole lot easier to justify buying that gorgeous little something you definitely couldn't afford a month ago, but look, it's on sale now, so what's stopping you?

But here's a thought, just because we can afford to buy something new does that mean that we should?

According to newsweek in the USA, 84% of unwanted clothes end up in landfill - clothes bought to scratch an itch, to satiate a desire for something new, to cheer someone up - clothes bought, in many instances because they were wanted, not needed... 

OK, let's not get too worthy here. Ultimately, none of us are likely to stop wanting new things any time soon and it does seem self-defeating for a fashion retailer to be preaching abstinence, so we're going to show you how it's completely possible to scratch the "new clothes" itch without falling into a fog of unconsidered consumerism, just follow the steps below...

Before we get started there are just a couple of pointers. Try not to shop when you're any of the following: bored, drunk, upset. Seems like a no brainer right? However, when up to 50% of all items bought online are returned it's worth considering the inherent costs (both financial and environmental) of sending something back. If you're shopping as a distraction, chances are this filter is off (might be referencing personal experience there...).

Also, it's worth reminding yourself of what you already own. OK, OK, another obvious one I know. But having said that, I can't tell you the number of times I've put a navy cashmere jumper in my basket despite owning multiple versions of the same... Know what you need and shop accordingly.

Here we go...


1. Buy Less, Buy Better.

Buying better often means a more premium price point, however that premium price point should mean a better fit, better fabrication, better-staying power... LA brand Cotton citizen is the perfect example here. Yes, the price point is higher but the quality, fit and staying power are second to none. We have some amazing pieces from the brand in our sale, from signature wash finishes to saturated dyes.

2. Buy the right materials.

If you want to shop sustainably, then buying products made from sustainable fabrics has to be one of the foundations of your purchase. LA denim brand Boyish is the winner here. Classic vintage fits coupled with responsible and sustainable fabrication make this brand the go-to for all your denim needs (and let's face it, who doesn't need to upgrade their denim collection seasonally...?).



3. Classic wins every time

Finding pieces that you'll wear forever has to be the holy grail of sustainable sale shopping, and it can be a challenge as these kinds of pieces seldom end up in the sale. However; remember that navy sweater from earlier? Well, LA Brand NSF had some winners for fall 19 and we have a couple left. We've also got some amazing coats from ASTR that also could be filed under "classic", not forgetting the hand-linked sweaters from Une Heures that reference 60s film icon Jane Birkin (not sure you can get more classic TBH).


4. to coin a phrase - does it spark joy?

This is the biggie for me. After all, it doesn't matter how responsibly something has been made, how sustainable the fabric is, how beautiful the quality is or how classic the styling is, if you don't love it, then chances are you won't wear it; and if you don't wear it then what's the point of buying it...?

So, yes, in the immortal words of Marie Kondo, does your potential purchase "Spark Joy"?

For me that could be the rainbow Andi dress from Delfi Collective, or the stunningly simple Nation slip dress. For you that could be colour blocked knit from Xirena or an organic tee shirt from RXMANCE; Whatever floats your boat really...



So. That's it. The 4 principles of better buying (regardless of the discount) and our essential guide to shopping a sale sustainably...

Happy Shopping XXX

January 02, 2020 — Polly Pritchett