The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Picnic with Twiin
This summer we're bringing consciousness to our newly found outdoor lifestyle, offering you eco-friendly picnic items to make sure our picnicking has a minimal impact on our planet.

After a tumultuous year, al fresco dining has been a much needed escape as one of the few safe and socially distanced ways we could see our loved ones. Now that pubs, and restaurants are open again, it doesn't mean you have to rush out to the nearest crowded bar. Take matters into your own hands and plan your very own eco picnic, after all there’s no need to worry about securing a booking in the park! Paired with some unusually warm UK weather last summer, and more forecast this year (woo hoo!) the picnic is most definitely in.

Historically British picnics evoke visions of single use plastic, littered covered parks and overflowing bins which is why we’re tackling this with our carefully curated eco friendly picnic sets and collection of goodies. Your insta-worthy picnic spread is sure to be the envy of the park!

FYI: We’re letting you know that picnicking has just gotten sexy, so grab your blanket (or one of ours!) and head out for a scenic afternoon, we have everything you could possibly need; From accessories for park games and fun in the sun, to sustainable swaps and reusable food bags to keep your snacks fresh. This summer the picnic basket is the ultimate accessory, just don’t forget your suncream!

It can be said that the secret to planning the perfect picnic starts with the theme, whether its the reason you’re having the picnic - say a birthday, anniversary or graduation - or just a cute colour scheme or mood. Here at Twiin we thought we’d take the difficulty out of picnic planning by putting together dedicated picnic kits with everything you could need no matter your vibe.

For The Picnic Pro
A £225 value for £198

Picnic pro? This is the kit for you, with everything you need to stay entertained and snack sustainably with no single use plastic in sight. Ideal for your staycation or vacation! This luxe kit features: The Sandwich Stasher in Citrus, The 3 Wine Baggus in Summer Veggies and The Glass Straw Set in Cool to stylishly carry your food and drink, The Blanket in Apricot a sustainable picnic blanket which is lovingly handwoven, The Underwater Camera in Leopard to capture your sunny memories and The Mega Jumbling Tower and The Beach Bats in Leopard to keep yourself and your friends and family entertained no matter the weather.


For The Socially Awkward and Zoom Fatigued
A £115 value for £99

Lost those social skills after a few too many zoom calls? Keep yourself and your guests entertained no matter what with this picnic kit, perfect for a long summer's afternoon of fun in the sun! This fun packed kit includes: The Beach Bats in Leopard and The Travel Jumbling Tower which are perfect games for friends and family of any age, The Standard Baggu in Yellow Happy because single use plastic bags aren’t cool (we hope you got the memo already), The Snack Stasher in Aqua which is the perfect size to hold a pack of cards, The Blanket in Bahia Coral the eco chic picnic blanket and The Signature Sunscreen SPF50+ from We Are Feel Good Inc AKA the most important accessory you could carry… AKA a skin nourishing eco friendly sunscreen, that we can’t get enough of!


For The Afternoon Adventurer
A £124 value for £105

It's time to plan an adventure with the adventurer picnic kit! The perfect curation of items for a playful afternoon in the park or the beach with friends or family, featuring: The Eco Everything Bag in Leopard the ultimate all-purpose tote bag perfect to pack full with goodies, The Badminton Set in Indigo ready for games in the park, an eco-friendly picnic blanket this time in Sapphire, The Snack Stasher in Clear and The Signature Sunscreen SPF50+ because no summer’s afternoon is complete without it!


For The Minimalist
A £70 value for £60

The stripped back kit has everything a minimalist could need for al fresco dining this summer. Lay back on The Blanket in Bahia Black, fill The Eco Cooler Bag in Leopard with your very own selection of goodies and, as always, don’t forget The Signature Sunscreen SPF50+ !


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June 23, 2021 — Customer Service