Festive Dressing: To Christmas Jumper or not?

Festive dressing isn't necessarily just about sparkles (although honestly I wouldn't begrudge you a sequin or two if that's the way you want to go) For most of us though a day of food, fizz, family and fun (if you're lucky) requires an outfit that can, potentially expand to cover the excess - all hail the Christmas Jumper. 


With its easy nod to fun and novelty, a quick sign post to the wearer's "sense of humour" - the Christmas Jumper has earned its place in our holiday festivities. From Colin Firth's reindeer beauty in the first Bridget Jones movie to Kanye's frightening Frosty on the streets of LA - there's a sweater for every festive occasion.  Hey there's even Christmas Jumper Day - today in fact - where we can don our Xmas monstrosities and donate money to charity.



But, and sorry that there is a but, but should we? 

Recent reports indicate that the British public is likely to purchase close on 12 million new Christmas jumpers this year, despite already owning an astonishing 65 million. Even worse news for the Xmas jumper - is that, according to environmental charity Hubbub, the majority of those sold on the high street will be made from plastic - worn once and then discarded....the very worst of fast fashion. Not so festive after all?


So - what to do if you want to feel the festive fun, donate to charity but minimise the impact of our actions? The answer is simple - buy better and wear forever. For an item that you might wear once a year, is it really so important to buy annually? 

I think we all know what that the correct answer to that question is.

That being said, I don't want to Scrooge up your Xmas - you'll not hear a Bah Humbug from me - so in the spirit of the season I've put together the TWIIN HOLIDAY EDIT to keep you feeling festive for years to come...

To Christmas jumper or not? Your choice...