What does this week's full moon really mean?

If you've been as struck by the beauty of the full moon in Leo as we have the last couple of days, you may be wondering what exactly it signifies. Our astrologer Michelle helps us dissect what this phase in the lunar calendar  means for us during the month of February, and how we can best harness its energy in the days before, during and after this moon cycle through a full moon bath ritual

 This wolf Full moon in Leo illuminates clarity & truth in regards to the heart of the matter. Speak your heart & don’t bite your tongue. Full moons mark the most energetically charged times, making us feel things more intensely and bringing our intuition to peek.  Keep in mind that this full moon is super close to Mercury just leaving its post shadow phase, So I would recommend you think before you Speak or send a text; meditate on what and how you want to express emotion.

  Full moons are about ending things, stepping into things and bringing things to completion  They illuminate things we haven’t known before.

 Any Full Moon represents completion and clarity. Full Moons always offer us the opportunity to release what has been holding us back, and what we no longer need. They invite us to cleanse ourselves from unwanted energies, from everything that ran its course.

 Leo is the sign of creativity, love and passion. Lions are know for their courage and strength. Therefore this full moon In Leo is all about us stepping into our confidence, courage and strength. Leo’s ruler, the sun is all about identity / who we are at the core so when the moon is in Leo it’s about being our true authentic selves. Another thing Leo is about is love - who deserves & loves us and deserves a spot in our lives and who gets to go so that people who love you can come in.  The moon being in Leo gives us the opportunity to work to connect better with our hearts and inner child, therefore we feel more inspired creatively. This Full Moon in the sign of Leo encourages us to create healthier boundaries within our friendships and relationships of all kinds.  It also calls us to find ourselves in everything that can bring us joy and happiness. 



The Rebel Candle by Nomad Noé 

It’s about us stepping more into our authenticity, happiness, confidence, courage, joy and passion for life so that we can feel stronger, more bold, more courageous and take more risks. To take the things that are close to our heart and move our life onward in a positive way. And with this full moon we realize what we need to release (full moon) about ourselves (Leo). We are given the opportunity to work to connect better with our hearts, and feel more inspired creatively.  We can eliminate heart blocks, finalize creative plans and finish up creative projects. 


It’s about all things happy 



Full moon in Leo release & Manifestation bath 



 The element of fire is wild, passionate, and difficult to contain, so this ritual is designed to help you harness your energy into achieving your goals. 

1. Before you submerge yourself in the water, write down your intention on a piece of paper. Be as specific as possible. Leave the piece of paper out near you as you perform this ritual.  

2. Fill your tub with pink Himalayan salt, red rose petals, and warming cinnamon sticks (powdered is fine —but put it in cheesecloth first to avoid a messy cleanup!). Not only does cinnamon speed up a spell’s activation, but it’s also a natural cleanser. 

 3. As you sit in the bath, imagine (visualize) yourself accomplishing your biggest goals and watching your dreams coming to fruition.  

4. After the bath, fold up the piece of paper with your intention, strike a match, and light it on fire. I like to do this while still sitting in the tub but obviously be careful and mindful if this is possible where you live - maybe take it outside and bring a fire proof bowl filled with water to catch the ashes of your burning list. 

5. Bless and release as it’s already happening!

February 18, 2022 — Customer Service