Can I Be Fashionable And Sustainable?

 Back in the mists of time – 1976 to be precise, the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” slipped into the lexicon – 40+ years later - and whilst that slogan might seem a little retro – it couldn’t be more pertinent….Scroll back even further and our grandparents were all focused on “make do and mend” - make do?? Is that even possible in 2019?  When it comes to fashion I’m not so sure – I can easily “make do” without a new car, I can make do with my old tablet and smartphone – but fashion? That’s a tough one – how we present ourselves to the world matters, and if you work in the world of #fashwon your look is your currency…..But let's be real for a moment - its actually super easy to live a sustainable life and still love fashion and clothes – that retro slogan from the 70s (Reduce, reuse, recycle just in case it slipped your mind) is the perfect starting point.


1: REDUCE. OK – this ought to be a simple way to start – but what if shopping is a habit? What if buying something makes you feel better – even for a moment? Hmmm - maybe there’s too much to unpack there in a blog post… it food for thought….moving on.

2: REUSE – a no brainer surely? But when it’s so easy to buy something new it’s no surprise that the average amount of times a garment is worn is just 7 times….check out this for a challenge to get your creative styling juices flowing…..if its holes that’s the problem – get you to the dry cleaner - I’m a total advocate of invisible mending and guaranteed your local dry cleaner has a handy tailor on site to sort out your seams…..better still learn how to repair your own clothes (home ec anybody? )


3: RECYCLE – surely goes without saying right? Apparently not – when you consider that 50% of all fast fashion produced is disposed of within a year of purchase (check out the Ellen MacArthur foundation for more details) 

Ultimately there are so many ways to recycle clothes – what’s super interesting is how those recycled garments are then used. Boyish denim, for example uses recycled cotton in their product – that cotton comes from recycled denim – what’s not to love about a circular process.


4: “BUY BETTER” in order to buy less. OK - buying premium comes at a cost – but if you ditch fast fashion for something that has been made to last – in the end you’ll come out smiling…..Try a Cotton Citizen 100% supima cotton tee, pre- shrunk with a back seam to stop torqueing over a cheap high street option and you’ll never go back….and there’ll be just a little bit less heading to landfill.



5: BE THOUGHTFUL in the purchase – ask the question “what impact has this item had both socially and environmentally” – do I really want to own something that has impacted negatively on another human being or a place? At Twiin this is something that we are really focused on – we buy smaller brands made in LA not just because we love the aesthetic, but also because we know where and how the garments are made, and that no one has been exploited in order for the dress or sweatshirt to end up in our store. It’s the reason we are actively looking for brands that say #itscooltocare