How Lockdown Has Changed Our Team's Mental Health

None of us could have ever predicted 2020 would turn out the way it has. These times are definitely - as everyone loves to say - unprecedented. With the UK in some form of lockdown for 20 weeks, it’s no surprise that a study from the Mental Health Foundation found that 24% of UK adults felt loneliness during this time. This alone began a mental health pandemic of its own. Whilst many of us begged our bosses in previous years to allow us to work from home, suddenly this shift wasn’t so fun and maintaining a healthy work life balance became a big issue for many.


We sat down with our team to hear how lockdown has affected their mental health for better or for worse, as well as some positives they’ll be taking forward with them into the future.


Imogen, Social Media Manager

At the beginning of lockdown I was one of the privileged few to start a new job here with Twiin. I had already been working from home for a couple of weeks, but introducing myself via Zoom was probably one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done! At this point, I have seen the bedrooms of coworkers that I have never met in real life, and I’m well aware that once office working gets back into full swing I’ll definitely still feel like the newbie. Overall, I have missed working within an office space, brainstorming with the team and trying to be super creative; working from home was definitely a challenge in this way. Ultimately 2020 will obviously be a year we’ll all never forget, and it's definitely helped me to carefully reevaluate how I spend my time and what it is I really enjoy. That’s a lesson I’ll always remember.


Ayla, Digital Marketing Manager

I was very surprised at how lockdown has changed my perspective towards so many aspects of life. Usually I love planning out my week with gym classes, after work drinks and dinner dates with friends. In the last 5 years, I didn’t take one day off in the last 5 years without having a trip or holiday planned. The lockdown forced me to use up part of my annual leave and just relax at home. I realised I switched off for the first time in years and it felt great! This is something I will definitely carry on doing in the future, even after the pandemic.


Jarayd, Retail Director

Maintaining my work life balance has definitely helped me stay sane during lockdown. I’m blessed to have been locked down in a house with lots of space so separating my working space from my social space helped a huge amount to unwind and remove myself from work in the evenings. Switching off from work at the end of the day is something I’d like to take forward into my new normal. 


Polly, Buyer and Head of Wholesale

Now that I'm spending more time back at the office again, I’m really able to appreciate how challenging the last few months have been on so many levels. When every work drama plays out at home, it's almost impossible to get any perspective. Initially I thought - amazing, I’m at home, I’m hanging with the dog, I don't have the stress of the office - but the stresses were still there, only amplified (firefighting from the spare room via zoom is way too intense for me) Layer onto this the fact that we were shielding and the inherent anxiety of a virus that could kill my partner if he got it and frankly I’d say that my mental health has been variable. However with perspective back in my life, I can say that lockdown has brought some benefits - all that time at home has made me very appreciative of what I have, and frankly when things get overwhelming that's something to hold onto.

August 21, 2020 — Ana Carnu