How to inspire your heart with art day

Always observed on January 31st, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a day to ponder how art affects your heart. Art is valued and appreciated for all sorts of reasons. 

Of the broad spectrum of art created in the world, the pieces that move us to tears or cause us to burst out into joyous laughter remain with us for a lifetime. Whether we are touched by music or see into an artist’s soul through their work, art has the power to change us, and to inspire our hearts.

The day encourages us to explore the many genres of art and let it inspire us.

Art has taken on a new meaning in recent times as people look to art, music and culture for escapism from modern day politics, as well as the mundane daily routine.

Not only the viewing of art but also the participation. More people than ever before have been picking up the paint brush as a cathartic, destress, self-care (whatever you want to call it) practise. It's no wonder that Vogue have brought out their own colouring book...

In homage to such a wonderful heartwarming day, we've pulled together our favourite artists from LA and LDN. In the hope that they'll inspire you to get involved with Inspire Your Heart With Art Day.

Our favourite LA artists

The Kaplan Twins

The Kaplan Twins

Brooklyn born but LA based, The Kaplan Twins create work that explores the complexities of today’s celebrity culture, and comments on it through the eyes of their millennial generation.

Their goal is to both create a conversation, while breaking through societal clichés and taboos, and also to look at today’s media headlines through a different lens. The Kaplan Twins encourage us to reconsider the nature of art using their brand of wit, humour, and a dissection of our evolving use of language.

They cite Warhol’s quote “Everyone will be famous” as fundamental to their art, and aim to explore the notion that everyone is looking at the same homogenised imagery for inspiration.

Shop one of their most iconic pieces "Do It For The Gram" below:

Do It For the Gram Kaplan Twins Art

Meegan Barnes

Meegan Barnes

Meegan Barnes is a Los Angeles based artist with a playful and empowering approach to the female form. The politics of the derriere has become a 21st century phenomenon.

Butts have become the focal point in contemporary female sexuality and have permeated pop culture by way of celebrities, social media, fashion, gym culture and surgical augmentation.

Barnes taps into the modern-day butt obsession, and muses on how exhibitionism and a new found appreciation of the gluteus maximus are actually forms of female liberation.

Shop the "Booty Vase" in all its glory below:

Meegan Barnes

Carly Beck 

Carly Beck

Part of her "Beauty Junkie" series, we absolutely love that this stunning artwork features our favourite LA beauty brand: Noto Botanics, a multi-use, gender fluid product line focused on the belief that self expression through beauty & self care can be achieved whilst being mindful to the environment

Carly’s work has been converted to puzzles, serving trays and prints by Collyers Mansion. Inspired by 70’s Italian disco, she painted the storefront for the popular Highland Park eatery, Kitchen Mouse. 

Swirling, floral, bird perched wallpaper prints are available at her website Carly lived in New York and then Los Angeles and now back to New York— so you could almost say she’s bi-coastal.

Our favourite LDN artists

Emma Loizides

Emma Loizides

Emma Loizides is a North London based artist who paints bright Cityscapes and peaceful street scenes sprinkled with colour. 

​She studied art at college and was inspired by the works of Robert Delaunay for his bold and lively use of colour, and Wassily Kandinsky, as she was intrigued with his theories on the effects art and colour have on human emotions.

In 2006, Emma moved to Las Vegas on an 18-month internship. She used this opportunity to find subjects for my paintings, especially the bright lights and liveliness of downtown. She painted the places she visited in America and loved the culture. 

Emma is very grateful to have had the opportunity to exhibit her work in several group exhibitions in the past, including the ING discerning eye, the National Open Art Exhibition (NOA) and the Society of Women Artists annual exhibition. 

Kate Amery

Kate Amery

Kate Amery is a London based visual artist working with collected and recycled materials to raise public awareness of the impact our man-made materials are having on our natural environments worldwide.

Clare Nicolson

Clare Nicolson is a freelance stylist and content creator based in Glasgow and London with experience styling and designing for publishing, advertising, editorial and independent creative clients as well as her own brand.

Clare's extremely passionate about beautiful products and design and her contact list is full of unique and exciting designers and makers. Styling of her homes over the years has also been featured in several books, blogs and magazines including Mollie Makes, House Beautiful and Home For Now.

Clare also curates and writes for her blog fulltimefiesta where she shares DIY projects, styling inspiration and current design work.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay

Since art comes in so many forms, the number of ways to celebrate are countless.

We hope we've inspired you to celebrate the day in a way that puts art in your heart.

  • Visit an art gallery

  • Attend a live theatre performance

  • Read a good book

  • Listen to music

  • Attend a ballet performance

  • Start your masterpiece

  • Teach someone how to play an instrument

  • Attend an art lecture

  • Explore a new technique

  • See an inspirational film

  • Share your art with others

How will you observe Inspire Your Heart With Art Day? Get in touch!

January 31, 2020 — Ankit Chaturvedi