How to look good on webcam


As working from home becomes the norm for most of us, we have had to quickly come to terms with Video conference calls. A month ago, the thought of a 10 person video chat every morning with my colleagues would have sent me into a state of sheer panic. ‘Do I look professional enough?’, ‘Can they tell I’m wearing pyjamas from the waist down?’, ‘Is it obvious that I spent an hour trying to get my backdrop and lighting right?!’

It’s amazing how quickly we become accustomed to it but, if you’re still feeling a little camera shy, here are Twiin’s top webcam tips…

Smile and wave boys

You’re on camera - SMILE! It’s so easy, especially in a chat with lots of people, to forget you’re on camera. I know I have a tendency to go to resting bitch face when I’m listening - this can make you look seriously bored and uninterested. Try to be aware of your facial expressions and make sure you look interested and engaged! 


Finding the right lighting is crucial - no one wants to be seen in a dark dingy room being compared to Gollum (not so precious). Try to find a spot near a window for some natural light - in an ideal world you could arrange all meetings for 4pm for that golden hour glow! The best lighting comes from behind the camera. Lighting from above will give you bags for days, and lighting from behind will make it difficult to see you. 

Natural Makeup

One of the beauties of working from home is being able to roll straight out of bed and onto a video meeting. However, makeup can work as a great confidence boost. Noto Stain Sticks are perfect for that ‘no makeup, makeup’ look. Dab a little on your lips and cheeks and you’re good to go - or not go, as the case may be! 


Angles are everything. If the camera is too low you’ll either be having a double chin nightmare, or it’ll cut off half of your face. If the camera is too high, it could just be looking down your top - or exposing you for wearing pyjama bottoms! Make sure your camera is at eye level. If you are using your phone for the video call make sure you place it on a hard surface so that it is kept still, there's nothing more distracting than a wobbly camera circulating the room! 


Your backdrop can say a lot about a person. People are nosey, they’ll be interested in seeing what the inside of everyone’s homes look like. Try to make sure the space around you is tidy - beds made, washing put away etc. I personally think the best setting for a video call is a plain wall, maybe with a plant or a print strategically placed behind you. 

Video calls could be our reality for quite some time, so even if it feels unnatural to you now, you will definitely get used to it. Remember, everyone on your call is in the same boat. Be confident, be yourself and you’ll be fab! 

April 08, 2020 — Ana Carnu