How to pick the best Boyish Jeans according to your body shape

A good pair of jeans is an absolute wardrobe staple, but let's face it, finding the best jeans for your body type can be a nightmare! Personally I will be forever grateful that we came through the tough times of 2007 where jeans were slung so low you could see your thong popping out - all hail the high-rise!

I have always struggled finding the right jeans. I’m slightly pear shaped and finding jeans for a pear shape is HARD. I’ve tried Levis, but ended up having to go up a couple of sizes to get them over my hips (thanks mum) by which point they were gaping at the back and baggy around my knees. I ended up settling for Topshop Leigh jeans partly because they were super stretchy and comfy straight away. But mainly because they were cheap and I knew after a few months I’d end up ripping them and needing to replace them (admittedly not the most sustainable thing I’ve ever done!)

Since discovering Boyish jeans I am completely converted! I’ve finally been able to find flattering jeans! I always used to be against rigid denim because I’ve always found it quite hard and uncomfortable. Boyish rigid denim is actually really soft, and after a couple of wears it really moulds to your shape. It’s amazing and I honestly could not rave about it enough! The best style for me is the Darcy. The Darcy is a high waisted pop-crop jean in rigid denim. The high-waisted style sits nicely above my hips and comes to just below my belly button - which means I can wear them with a crop top without having my whole stomach on show. The pop crop is a great jean shape for a pear shape as the little crop flare balances out the hips - as well as being on trend! 

As much as we all love to follow trends, it’s important to figure out the best shape for your body type. Whether you’re a pear, an apple, an hourglass or you have an athletic figure there is a jean out there for you! 

If you have an hourglass figure you’re lucky, most shapes will suit you. An hourglass looks great in a flare, a crop flare, a straight leg and a skinny! Try the Kirby, they’re a high rise rigid straight leg. They also have no front pockets which is really flattering and will give you a smoother silhouette.

The best jeans for an apple shape are either a boyfriend or a skinny. Skinny jeans will look great with something baggy and over-sized on top, whereas a boyfriend fit will look better with something tighter on top. Our top pick from Boyish is the Casey, with a wrapping waist band it gives the perfect illusion of a slimmer waist. The same illusion can be found in skirt form in the Andy, a perfect black denim pencil skirt. Square and athletic shapes will find a looser jean to be the most flattering option. Boyfriend or wide leg shapes should be your go to. Good news is that these shapes are really on trend at the minute. Feminise these shapes with tops that have hyper girly details, frills are your friend. 


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April 24, 2020 — Ana Carnu