How to Relax, Reset and Recharge in lockdown - Twiin's Yoga review

We’re edging towards the end of our fourth week of lockdown and this is all weirdly starting to feel more normal. We’ve adjusted our daily routines, we’re used to waiting 30 minutes to get in the supermarket once a week, we’ve completed Netflix and we have nailed the perfect lighting for our daily video meeting. 

It’s time to start focusing on self care and rejuvenation. Let's use this time to become the best version of ourselves, both physically and mentally. Let’s do the things we don’t usually make time for and really come out of this lockdown with the mother of all glow ups! 

One thing team Twiin has been doing to keep ourselves busy and look after ourselves is Yoga online. Yoga is great for self love and self care, it helps you relax and is so good for your posture and flexibility. Here are our reviews on the free home yoga classes we’ve been doing…


I’m on day 19 of Yoga with Adriene. I have found it’s a really lovely way to start the day, and also helps with sticking to a routine. I was a total beginner when I started and now I even do a couple ‘cat, cows’ before bed to help me relax. Adriene is a fab yoga instructor, she’s not too hippy dippy and always offers an alternative, so she is great for all levels. I have definitely noticed a difference in my flexibility and in my ability to hold a pose without getting distracted. I also love that Adriene does her classes alongside her dog Benji - putting the dog in downward dog! 


For me, daily exercise is something that usually keeps me feeling sane. I’ve been trying my best to stick to a new fitness routine at home - but while we’ve all been stuck indoors, I’ve been really looking forward to Saturday mornings when I can follow along with some Vinyasa Yoga with Naz.
She broadcasts an hour long vinyasa flow session live on Instagram every Saturday at 10AM. This is a really good way to start your weekend at home (and great for getting out of bed on time!) Best of all, Naz guides the practice step by step at an easy pace, offering alternatives for different skill levels, meaning it’s great for beginners & experienced yoga fans alike, meaning anybody is free to join in on the fun. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to get into yoga while we’re all stuck at home, or even just to take some time for yourself to relax and decompress from the stress we’re all feeling.



As someone that’s more used to HIIT workouts, I often find it hard to focus on a full yoga flow anything longer than around 15 minutes to be honest with you. As such a beginner, BrettLarkin’s 30 Day Yoga was a little intimidating for me, however I didn’t find the moves too difficult, in fact they were perfectly within my skill level whilst still giving me a satisfying stretch (and a few clicks in stiff places for good measure!). I also enjoyed the more movement heavy sections of the stretching where I could feel my muscles fully engaging.  

My only complaint would be the mentions of “energy” and looking through your “third eye”, personally this did make me giggle as I’m not someone that is too into things like this and Brett was quite serious throughout the session. 

Whilst I’m really happy I gave the routine a try, and would definitely recommend it to someone that already loves yoga, I think a fun session once or twice a week is perfect for me!



Candace has loads of different yoga sessions on her YouTube channel, I have been doing the 20 minute sessions, adding it to the end of my pilates or workout. It’s a really good way of relaxing and incorporating yoga into my daily routine, as well as having a good stretch after a workout! 

Candace is an excellent teacher - super calm yet vibrant at the same time. She’s made it so easy for me to want to practice yoga daily. 

I love how she always ends with a complete Savasana, this is rare to find on YouTube! I feel relaxed and energised after her classes and I will definitely continue to practice yoga even once the gym reopens! 




I have just finished my first week of Tim’s 30 day challenge. He has a very calm voice, but also isn’t too serious which makes it really enjoyable. He starts off very easy. I work from my dining table and I have noticed a difference in my posture already after just  a week! I am sitting up and slouching less. As the classes are getting harder, they are starting to feel more like a workout so I’m excited to see how hard they get! Oh and if it wasn’t already tempting enough, Tim has a really cute dog named Ollie - who is just as relaxed as him!

April 17, 2020 — Ana Carnu