How To Take Care Of Your Astrology Crystals - Cleansing and Charging
Crystals are the perfect, affordable way to empower the start of your spiritual wellness journey - but how do you look after these pieces once they’re part of your routine? Beyond their beauty, these crystals have the potential to bring energy into your life and if you want this you can’t just stick them on a shelf and forget about them! To access this energy you need to put a little energy in yourself and ensure you cleanse and charge them. “How do I do that?” you’re asking, well let us teach you!

If crystals are new to you, you’ll most definitely be wondering why it’s necessary to cleanse and charge crystals. The reason this is recommended is because crystals have a memory or sort, meaning they absorb the energy of whatever it is around them and the environments they travel through. When these special crystals enter your life they may have acquired energies elsewhere that are “clogging” them and blocking them from working as they should. 
Cleansing these new additions sweep away any unwanted bad vibes and brings the crystal back to its natural state, meaning it’ll be free to provide the benefits you’re looking for.

You should always take the time to cleanse any crystals when they first enter your home, and routine. It can also be beneficial to cleanse any crystals you’ve worn or carried throughout the day, especially if they’re been handled by someone else! Any crystals that live at home as decor accessories should have a monthly soak so-to-speak.
But, don’t worry, if you’ve had crystals for a while and have yet to cleanse them, it’s never too late!

There are a few different ways to cleanse your crystals depending on what is most convenient and comfortable for you
  • Run them under the tap for a minute, submerge them in clean water and carefully pat them dry.

  • Worried your crystals are harbouring some of those clingy bad vibes? Cover your crystal in rice, just like you would with a broken phone! Be sure to dispose of the rice afterwards.

  • Leave your crystal on a windowsill, in natural light, from dusk until dawn. This will allow the crystal to get a full cleanse in both sunlight and moonlight.

  • In need of a super simple super-cleanse? Submerge your crystals in a bowl of water and rock salt for a few hours.

  • On a full moon - The moon reflects the light of the sun, and the full moon gives its sacred feminine energy to anything in its light. Laying your crystals in this light baths them in the moon’s photons and they will absorb this lunar energy no matter the weather and if you can even see the moon yourself! This method (as long as they aren’t left out in the rain) is also safe for all crystals and intentions and you needn’t worry if you’ve just missed a full moon evening, as this energy will linger at its strongest both the day before, day of and day after. 
Remember, not all crystals are created equal and some may be negatively affected by strong sunlight or water - always check what is suitable for your collection before practicing any charging or cleansing.

May 24, 2021 — Customer Service