I am 22, working in retail and this is how Coronavirus is affecting me...

Our in store stylist, Natalia tells us how she’s coping with self-isolation during the current situation...

I started self-isolation today after receiving the news that our store will be temporarily closing. I’m not going to hide that it makes me feel stressed, but with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I had to accept the decision as our health should always come first. 

Working as a stylist for an independent company makes you feel a bond like no other. I treat my colleagues as if they are my family - my Twiin family. The uncertainty of everything right now is scary, made even harder as I am also worried about my team, but I know we will get through this together. 

I am trying to set up my mind for daily productivity and positivity, I think sticking to a routine will be important. As being advised I spent the whole day planning ahead and thinking of ways to keep myself busy at home. 

Clearing out my wardrobe will definitely take me a few days, at least! Working in the fashion industry can make you a bit of a hoarder with clothes, as you know trends will always make a comeback. At Twiin we try to be as sustainable as we can, so I am going to donate half of my clothes so that someone else can enjoy them as much as I have. 

I have never meditated before - now seems like a great time to start! Meditation is relaxing so it will be good for my mental health and enhance self-awareness. I am going to try meditating for half an hour at the same time everyday.

I have to admit, I’m one of those who starts reading a lot of books at the same time and never actually finishes any! I’m going to give myself a goal to finish at least one book a week, setting aside an hour each day to read. 

Most importantly I will spend more time calling my family. Living away from home, especially in a time like this, makes you realise how important they are. Having more time on my hands will allow me to speak to them more. 

I’m really going to make sure I make use of this time and turn this situation into something positive!