Check out how Charlotte is spending her money in lockdown...

Retail therapy - the practice of shopping in order to make oneself feel more cheerful.

I could not relate to this more right now! I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic, but when lockdown began I thought one positive to take from this is that I won’t be able to shop. I decided to write a spending diary to see how much I could save. This’ll be easy - there’ll be no going out for dinner, or to the pub and I won’t need to buy more clothes because I’ll be living in my yoga pants! 

I wasn’t wrong about that… I haven’t bought any clothes, and I’ve only ordered one takeaway in four weeks. So surely I’ve saved some money? Absolutely NOT! 

I’ve discovered a new love for Amazon Prime. I’ve ordered so many random things purely out of boredom. Sometimes I actually go onto Amazon with nothing in mind just to see what I could buy. They just make it so easy, all you have to do is scan your face and voila 60 litres of compost is on it’s way to you...

These are my 5 random lockdown purchases:

A weighted hula hoop - £19.99

I used to have a weighted hula hoop when I was a teenager, I would hula hoop every night while watching corrie (tragic I know). I thought I’d get back into it, but after 3 days of hula hooping for 20 minutes at a time my ribs were visibly bruised. I thought I’d take a couple days off and then get back to it. That was three weeks ago… It’s currently standing up against my wardrobe gathering dust!

Twister - £14.00

Twister will be fun to play when we have a few drinks at the weekend… Wrong again, I live with just one other person. Obviously one person has to be the spinner and playing against yourself just isn’t that fun. Still we thought we’d leave it out for a little while as a fun rug, that was great until I slipped on it with a tray of freshly baked banana muffins… 

Home Lash Lift Kit - £24.99

I have actually used home lash lift kits before, and I would 10/10 recommend them. However, the perm usually lasts around 4 weeks, so I have literally permed my eyelashes to sit in the house for the past couple of weeks. This wasn’t a totally useless purchase as it did kill about an hour of my day, and there’s enough solution left to do it at least a couple more times. Plus I think it’s important to feel good about yourself and doing it at home is so much cheaper than going to the salon. 

Kaplan Twins Print - £45

I bought the Kaplan twins ‘Next week has been exhausting’ print, which I thought was actually quite ironic given the current situation. I know I didn’t really need this, but I’d been redoing my room and decided to treat myself - no regrets on that one. 

Paddling Pool - £28.70 

Wow, even just writing that down makes me realise how ridiculous it was! This was for the Easter bank holiday weekend when the weather was fab. It seemed like a good idea when I ordered it. What I didn’t take into consideration was the fact that our garden is all patio so it’s not very comfortable to sit on. Oh and that we don’t have a hosepipe so our only way of filling it up is with various pots and pans from the kitchen. Not my brightest move. I think I will give this to a charity shop when they reopen, let someone else enjoy it.  

These random 5 items came to a total of £132.68. Yes, that might sound like a lot of money to spend on pretty useless items but compared to what I would usually spend on going out, or even just on lunches at work it’s actually not that bad. We need to remember to not be so hard on ourselves. This is a really strange, uncertain time for everyone. So if a little bit of retail therapy makes you happy then so be it! 

May 07, 2020 — Ana Carnu