I’m 24, Working In Marketing & This Is How I'm Spending Now Lockdown is Lifting...
With lockdown slowly easing, I keep hearing people talking about how many people have saved so much money during this strange year. Honestly, I can’t relate. Whilst my spending on meals and nights out has taken a sharp dip and my fast fashion addiction is thankfully dwindling (you can read about that journey here!), I’ve somehow just found myself spending money in different ways. Here is an insight to a week of my spending during the end of lockdown 3.0!

During lockdown something I really found myself leaning into was taking the time each morning to go for a walk and grab a morning coffee. If you’re also working from home and never gave into the lockdown daily walk, I would definitely recommend it even now our diaries may be a little busier. I’ve found this hour in the morning gives me time for my own thoughts, as well as allowing some separation between work and play.

I grab my usual morning coffee, an iced latte, and treat myself to a salted chocolate cookie as they look irresistible - £4.50

After a few hours of work I *accidentally* open a Boots tab, I just ran out of my BHA Serum from The Inkey List and spot Aussie are now doing refill pouches of shampoo (perfect as I already have an almost empty bottle on the go) so I add that to my cart. Sadly that’s a few pounds below the free click & collect amount, so I go for a browse and spot a lip plumping gloss I recently saw on TikTok. Add to cart! - £20.98

This morning my walk was extra special as I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year! It was so lovely to finally catch up and I’m really thankful for easing of restrictions meaning I can reunite with friends safely. We grab a Starbucks and do a few laps of the park which is when it starts snowing! I’m sorry, where did Spring go?! - £3.25

I return home to a parcel from one of our stylists, she’s sent over some items for me to photograph at home for our website. Of course, a perk of my job is seeing the ‘new in’ items as they arrive and I couldn’t resist keeping a little something for myself from our new handcrafted candle brand Ora + Nitra. Once I had finished photographing the set and each colour, I immediately decided to pick up one of their Kani Bum Shaped Candles in Ivory for myself. Cutest desk addition EVER - £30

After our store reopening along with many others on the 12th of April, I decided to head into Coal Drops Yard to get some content - finally! I couldn’t remember the last time I took a train so of course had to top up my Oyster card. I do miss working in the company of others and outside the 4 walls of my flat, but definitely don’t miss the cost of a travelcard! - £10

My favourite part of visiting our store is getting to pop into some of our neighbours. This morning I wanted to pick up a coffee and pastry from Redemption Roasters. They are an amazing independent coffee shop that roasts their beans within UK prisons, helping to support and train offenders in order to ensure they can find work upon their prison release. My favourite part is that one of their academies is based in my hometown of Leicester, a great example of a small business making a big impact - £5.20

After a few hours of content creation with one of our stylists, Ana, I took a quick lunch break and nipped to another one of our neighbours Morty & Bob’s to pick up one of their famous truffle and mushroom grilled cheese sandwiches - YUM! Of course I also had to grab my second coffee of the day, iced. - £10.50

A visit to the store also means, once again, a sneaky browse of the new in pieces. This time Gaia Gaia’s Dead Smile Tee catches my eye. I’m getting perfect vintage tee vibes and can imagine myself layering this iconic piece with a blazer and jeans to the office, or sweats for weekend coffee runs. It’s a no brainer! - £65

I arrive home to my Smol Bio parcel. During the first lockdown I tried my best to swap out most of our household products for more eco-friendly versions and Smol is a super easy subscription service that includes so many of these items. I also love never having to remember to nip to the shops for these things, I would definitely recommend this service if you’re open to an eco-upgrade! - £4.50

Yet another morning walk and another iced latte! - £3.00

I treated myself to this stunning set of ribbed glasses after finding a crack in another of my large drinking glasses - meaning I’m down to a grand total of 1 from the original set of 4! After seeing these glasses in many a morning coffee pic by @holliemercedes (they even recently renamed the glasses after her) I knew I had to finally snag my own, now I just have to wait the 14 week delivery time *welp* - £25

You know the drill! - £3.00

As I’m just winding down to finish work, our stylist Ana lets me know our Le Bon Shoppe Spring styles have arrived. She knows I had my eye on one of the Girlfriend Socks in Bellini so puts a pair aside for me. I love to wear short dresses and skirts during Spring and Summer and know they’ll look super cute with my favourite trainers! - £12.50

After a busy day of work for us both, me and my boyfriend decide to brave the city centre and head to one of our favourite restaurants Eat Tokyo. The soho branch have been able to open thanks to the roads being shut off to traffic. As expected there was a wait, but it just makes their Bento boxes and sushi roles taste even better. - £54.38 (on the shared card!)

Whilst we’re waiting for our seats I see I have a discount from Hello Fresh. We tried their boxes back in the first lockdown but felt they are pretty pricey for what you get so quickly cancelled! However they’re much cheaper than ordering in and we need some food inspo for the weeknights, plus I’ll avoid the foodshop in any way I can, so I go ahead and reactivate my account. I’m a marketer's dream! - £20.99 for 4 meals for 2 (also on the shared card)

After months of waiting this Saturday I was finally able to catch up with two of my closest friends over our favourite meal, brunch! I was able to snag a booking at the Liverpool Street Grind and we got super lucky with some much needed sunshine. I went for the Full English Breakfast which is always a winner, and an iced vanilla latte. - £21.33

We then decided to go all in and managed to book ourselves in for gel manicures! Such a treat after so long. - £40.00

After a browse around the shops where I managed to avoid temptation it was time to head home, I had to top up my Oyster card once again (where does the money go?!) - £10.00

It was a spendy week - definitely a shock to my bank account - so it was time for a chill Sunday of cleaning, chores and getting myself ready for the next week ahead. I managed to stay home, make my own coffee and not spend anything the whole day!

This week was definitely an interesting one as the excitement of things reopening does trigger both anxiety in terms of the safety of myself and my loved ones, but also the spending that inevitably comes with life starting to feel close to normal again. Overall, the difficulties of the past year has put things into perspective and I have started putting together an emergency fund savings. However I've also learnt that spending money on going out with loved ones is super important to me, and considered purchases for my home and wardrobe really do bring me joy! 
May 05, 2021 — Customer Service