In Conversation With Olivia Gow, Founder of Arthur Apparel
One of our favourite things to do at Twiin is to introduce joyful and purpose-driven brands to the UK: Meet Arthur Apparel!

If you’ve been looking for signature piece to add a playful touch in your wardrobe, look no further than Arthur Apparel. This Australian based label create unique prints that combine contemporary streetwear with vintage 60s inspired vibes.

We love the brand at Twiin for their transparency with their sustainable and ethical practices. Just like us, they admit they aren’t perfect yet but are committed to strengthening their environmental responsibility. Each piece from Arthur is ethically handmade in Indonesia in small factories by local tailors who are paid fairly and entitled to all the benefits we would expect! As nothing is mass produced, Arthur proudly call themselves a slow fashion brand and choose natural, organic fabrics wherever they can that use less water and energy for a lower impact on the earth.

Interested yet? Of course you are! Team Twiin caught up with the brand's founder, Olivia Gow, to chat all things Arthur Apparel.

How would you describe Arthur Apparel in three words?

Quirky, Fresh, Fun

At Twiin, we love to shine a spotlight on female founded brands - your brand story is particularly impressive because you started at such a young age. What prompted you to start Arthur Apparel when you were only 23 years old?

I’ve always been a goal driven kind of person, a doer, if you will. At the time, I was working in fast fashion which was difficult for someone who has an individual creative vision. I do owe much of my small business knowledge to the company I was working for, but I craved a project of my own, one that I could use as a creative outlet and be truly free in what I was producing. That led to the materialisation of Arthur in 2016.

Could you tell us about your favourite hero piece from the latest collection, why you love it and the inspiration behind it?

The Pot Plant Sweater is one of my favourites, despite our love/hate relationship. I wanted to recreate the tan petal print (on Long Sleeve Grip Top) on a large scale while experimenting with computerised knitwear, something we hadn’t done before. I guess it’s the harrowing amount of time and emotion our team and manufacturers had spent perfecting the design, knit tension, knit weight, fit and finishes that leaves us emotionally attached to a piece that is so unapologetically joyous.

    What staple or essential piece do you believe every woman should have in their wardrobe?

    Crimped Trouser in Blue Print. They’re such an easy piece that will add fun and flare to an outfit.

    As a role model for many women, what advice would you give to your 18-year old self?

    The thing you are worrying about now will not matter in 5 years time. Be shamelessly you, unconfined by the expectations of others.

    What do you think is the future of Arthur Apparel?

    Complete world domination.

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    August 28, 2021 — Customer Service