Female Owned Brands You Will Hear More of
This International Women’s Day 2021 we wanted to celebrate some of our female heroes, the pioneering creatives we’re proud to support and showcase in our store. So for this International Women’s Day we’re shining a light on some of the female owned brands we covet here at Twiin, and the incredible women behind them. These female owned businesses are not only producing incredible fashion pieces we long for in our wardrobes, but in doing so they are also championing inclusivity, sustainability and playful design. Continue reading below for the story behind three of our favourite female led brands…

The Line by K
Karla Deras

Launched in Spring of 2015, The Line by K was born when fashion blogger-turned-designer, Karla Deras, realised she had to share her personal designs with other women!

As a voice of self-love, The Line by K provides high-quality pieces for any occasion without sacrificing the comfort to accomplish any task whether you’re a busy office worker, stay at home mum, or anything in between (because there are more than two types of women!).

All ethically made in Los Angeles, these elevated basics are crafted from premium textiles with distinctive details which are carefully made to accentuate the female figure. These streamlined, sexy basics were the very gaps in Deras’ own wardrobe she was seeking to fill before launching her very one brand.

“Elevated basics that go with anything you already own. The Line by K is about embodying your own form of sexy and what sexy means to you.” It’s no wonder this brand has been seen on: Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kehlani and more!

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Kimberley Gordon

Co-Founder of Wildfox when she was only 24, Kimberley Gordon went on to embrace her love of ultra-feminine ready to wear in her creation of Selkie. The Selkie namesake comes from folklore: The selkie is a woman of the ocean who lives inside a seal skin. When she comes up to the rocks she slips out of her skin to bask in the sun. If a man is able to steal her skin while she sleeps, she is forced to become his wife and live on land. But, if the selkie finds her skin again, she transforms back into her true form and immediately returns to the sea, free. The Selkie is the perfect representation of women fighting for freedom and equality, searching for our metaphorical skin! We want to be free of constraints and express ourselves openly.

Kimberely Gordon perfectly encapsulates the idea of the Selkie with her playful and artistic feminine expression. Most known for their puff dresses, the brand embraces the magic of history, folklore and the female.

A brand built from the importance of women supporting each other, Gordon says she “feels sad when [she] hears women competing. There is room for all of us. [In the past] there was no real outward feminist movement in fashion, and I didn’t know I was such a feminist until deep into [Wildfox]. I learned first hand what it was like to protect young women, and I wanted to make so many changes within Wildfox that I was never permitted to do. By the end I was aching to make a more conscious brand.”

From this ache Selkie was born. Kimberly Gordon continues to design size inclusive collections, handmade in China - And forget your assumptions about this! Gordon has worked closely with seamstresses in China for over a decade - these women champion skill, dedication and intense concentration, no cheap labor or poor working conditions in sight. You can rest assured that each Selkie piece is made with passion from its design all the way to execution.

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Frankie’s Bikinis
Francesca Aiello

In the struggle to find her perfect bikini, Francesca Aiello was encouraged by her mother to have swimsuits custom made. Slowly but surely her creations were being requested by friends and family, gaining momentum when she began to showcase these swimsuits on Instagram - this was when Frankie’s Bikinis was brought to life!

Francesca made her Miami Swim Week debut in 2014 as the youngest designer to ever do so. Since then her designs have been worn by supermodels and celebs alike, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
Frankie’s Bikinis are now known for their fashion-forward beachwear inspired by Malibu (Aiello’s hometown) and all made locally to the brand in Los Angeles. Known for their high-end fabrics that are made to last, and fashion forward shapes that flatter a variety of body types, Frankie’s Bikinis are easily a cult-L.A. favourite.

March 04, 2021 — Customer Service