L.A .- LDN not NY - LDN?

L.A. & London (LA-LDN) - it’s  not an obvious connection right? New York /  London - well documented - hell there’s even a magazine dedicated to all things NY-LON….the L.A. / London link - well that’s a different story…On the surface the 2 cities couldn’t  be more different - how can Los Angeles, the ertswhile city of angels, built along a fault line, where the sun always shines and every other person is “someone in the movies”....have anything in common with rainy old London, arguably the greatest city on earth (I’m a Londoner so possibly a little biased) a city where the  past peeps through at every corner, and modernity rubs alongside with ease? 

Even the people - Londoners and Angelenos - are total opposites - the former, sophisticated urbanites (in our dreams) with a propensity for sarcasm, the latter, health obsessed suburbanites having a nice day….


but scratch the surface just a little and threads begin to appear - threads between Central La & Central London (all neon lights and tourists) , Venice Beach & Portobello (the end stops for all ageing hippies and latter day bohemians), Beverley Hills & Knightsbridge (90210 meets MIC) Threads that feel right to explore - from fashion and film to people and neighbourhoods, architecture and art to manufacture and sustainability - threads that offer an insight into how our commonalities are more than #LAX - #LHR...


May 27, 2019 — Polly Pritchett