Meegan Barnes Booty Bootcamp

Self isolation can go one of two ways. You can embrace not leaving the house by living in sweatpants, eating whatever you want when you want and spending the entire day sitting on the sofa watching TV. OR you can use this time to become the best version of yourself - cook delicious healthy meals, learn a new skill that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time and EXERCISE! ‘The gym’s shut’ is no excuse - you can exercise at home! There are so many free home workout plans all over instagram and YouTube. Or if you don’t like working out without your gym buddy, get them on a Zoom call and take turns in leading your own exercise classes!

The bubble butt has become a focal point in pop culture, endorsed by celebrities such as the Kardashians. This was the inspiration behind artist Meegan Barnes’ Booty Vase and we think they’re just peachy! In honour of Meegan Barnes’ Booty vases we’ve selected our fave free booty workouts from fitness influencers! 


Blogilates is my personal favourite. All of her workouts are completely free, and they’re short so you can fit them into your daily routine easily. Her 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge is amazing. You can print the calendar and tick off each day as you go! She also has a 14 Day Quarantine Plan - which is great for a full body workout! 



Another great free workout is Maddie’s 10 Minute Booty Burn is an absolute killer! All of Madfit’s workouts are free on YouTube. She has some great ‘apartment friendly’ HIIT workouts which are perfect if you want to get your sweat on, but don’t want to upset the people below you! 

Rebecca Louise

Rebecca-Louise’s YouTube is great. She does have an app you have to pay for, but all of the workouts on YouTube are totally free! Checkout her Instagram highlights for her April Workout Calendar - it’s not too late to start now!

April 12, 2020 — Ana Carnu