Our favourite L.A. inspired recipes for National Vegetarian Week

Vegetarian the L.A. way. Nope. Not the Impossible Burger, celery juice or even sushi. Modern California cooking takes inspiration from locally grown and sourced produce and draws influences from it’s cultural melting pot. 

Studies have proven that eating vegetarian even just one a week can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, livestock was estimated to contribute to 14.5% of global human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that livestock contributes to more than one-third of methane emissions. Eating less meat by going meatless one day a week can contribute to efforts to reduce this. 

With Summer on its way and to celebrate National Vegetarian Week we have curated some of our favourite, lockdown friendly, California inspired recipes. Let’s get cooking!

Farmers Markets are all over both in LA and London. Brimming with seasonal locally grown produce at great prices the Twiin Team are a big fan. We love popping down to Victoria Park on a Sunday with our Baggu to get some fresh veggies and other locally sourced and made goodies. During lockdown we’ve been making the most of our local corner shops, whilst the experience of a bustling market is not quite the same, we’ve got our hands on some great flavourful veggies. The beauty of this recipe is that it’s cooked in one pot (less washing up, thank us later) but also that it’s fully customisable for whatever vegetables you can get your hands on. We recommend tender young veggies like asparagus, tender stem broccoli and courgette. Tomatoes are a must so don’t skip out on these; they really make the sauce. All the ingredients meld together whilst cooking so be accurate with the liquid measurements, too much or too little can really mess this dish up. 

California is experiencing a Cheese Renaissance at the minute, if you’re anything like us the phrase Cheese Renaissance is quite exciting. In these uncertain times we’ve been turning to comfort food and one of the bests is a good old Cheese Toastie, so why not make the best! What makes this the best Grilled Cheese? Mayonnaise on the outside. Whilst it may seem weird, our Retail Director, Jarayd, swears this is the crispiest grilled cheese he’s ever made at home. BA recommends sliced American cheese but when it comes to cheese, we at Twiin believe that more is more bring all your favourites to the party. Enjoy on its own or one of those cans of soup you panic bought. 

California has a big Asian community so it’s no surprise Asian food is some of the most popular in L.A. This vegan recipe may have some trickier ingredients to get hold of in lockdown but can easily be substituted. We couldn’t get hold of dried shitake mushrooms or white miso. We left out the mushrooms and replaced the white miso for the regular stuff. You can also easily replace the ramen noodles with your noodle of choice.  This recipe takes a bit of time to make, but if there’s something we do have a lot of at the minute, it’s time. The broth is really worth making from scratch if you can get your hands on all the ingredients. Our top tip is to double the recipe as you can keep it in the freezer for up to a month, so anytime you fancy this you can just defrost the broth and enjoy!

May 14, 2020 — Ana Carnu