Reemergence Essentials

Reemergence, it’s time guys, like a beautiful butterfly it’s time to leave the chrysalis behind, spread your wings and fly into real life again. Whilst you may be tentative to explore the “New Normal” we’ve got you covered with a selection of products to assist. 

Make the right choice and mask up! We have a beautiful selection of masks from BagguMade from 100% quilters cotton you’re protecting yourself, others AND Mama Earth. Featuring a genius strap that sits on the back of your head and neck, giving your ears a break, as well as a pocket for a filter, and a wire strip to contour the mask to your nose, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect fit. 

Once you get to the office you MIGHT feel brave enough to head for a cheeky after work bev. You need an outfit that’s going to do double duty, our current favourite is The Suraya Jumpsuit from ASTREffortlessly elegant, it’s the perfect transitional piece, layer it up with a long sleeve top (snag this silk knit in the sale) for the office and wear it as is for drinks.

Love it or hate it, hand sanitizer is here to stay. Look after your hands at the end of the day with Noto. Start the process with The Wash, it features natural antibacterials such as Cedarwood and Coriander, antivirals such as Black Pepper and age defying ingredients like Aloe and Bergamot. After a good 20 second wash, treat your hands to The Moisture Riser Cream. With ingredients like Carrots Seed Oil, Blue Tansy, Blue Green Algae and Hyaluronic Acid to actively calm skin, nourish and moisturise. 

Stay lightweight, if you don’t already have a Bandolier, now is the time to invest. We’ve just added some accessories to take it to the next level, including The Avery Airpod Case so you never have to worry about losing those darn things and The Large Round Pouch for everyday essentials, a standard Baggu fits in there perfectly if you need to pop to the shops on the way home.  

Now you’ve braved the day and made it home the perfect way to relax is a gorgeous candle. The Anjelica scent from Boy Smells is a mix of revitalising citrus, Anjelica seed and balancing jasmine blends with a powdery musk base and sparkling top notes. Bright green fruit will transport you to summer days spent drinking spritzers, we promise.






ASTR - Suraya Jumpsuit
The Suraya Jumpsuit in Black


Une Heures - L/S Mock Neck Top
The L/S Mock Neck Top in Black


The Noto Wash

The Noto Wash // Face - Hands - Body - Hair



Noto - Moisture Riser Cream
The Moisture Riser Cream


From £50
The Sarah in Black/Silver


Bandolier - Avery Air Pod Case
The Avery Airpod Case in Black/Pewter


Bandolier - Round Pouch
The Large Round Pouch in Black/Gold


Baggu - Grazing cows
The Standard Baggu in Grazing Cows


Boy Smells - The Pride Anjelica Candle

The Pride Anjelica Candle


September 19, 2020 — Customer Service