Trends by Twiin For Spring
Not sure what to wear when you finally change out of those sweatpants? Don’t worry, we’ve done all the leg work for you and put together our four hottest trends for this Spring & Summer season!

The Explorer
Victorian - Puffy sleeves - Adventure - Khaki - Utility - Pockets - White - Blue - Menswear inspired

Take your wardrobe on safari with The Explorer trend this season. Utility fashion, cargo trousers and muted Earthy tones - think khaki, white and blue - are key. Inspired by the adventures of our outdoor social lives and reconnection with nature through the past year, as many of us have taken a break from the city. The Explorer trend pulls pieces like utility trousers and contrasts them with puffy, victorian sleeves, blending menswear inspired pieces with softer, more traditionally feminine silhouettes.
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Neon Neutrals
Simple - Contemporary - Neon colours - Neutrals - Beige - Contrast

Neon: A trend many of us love to hate, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We’ll definitely be reaching for the neon in 2021 as ultra-bright colours dominate fashion online and off. Neon outfits are a bold choice, and that’s what can be so great about them! Throw on a neon top or neon dress and your look is complete. However, if you’re not quite ready to make a bold statement head-to-toe you can turn to accessories in the form of a neon bucket hat or bag, paired back with simple neutrals for a modern take on the neon fashion trend.
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Pop Jungle
Pop colours - Bright shades - Tie dye - Jungle prints - Florals

Meet “the new neutral”, throw aside your basic monochromes and reach for joyful colour and print; animal print, tie dye, floral print and bright summer shades make up our Pop Jungle Edit. This multifaceted trend captures our yearn for a summer of love, filled with bright pop colours and floral fashion. The tie dye trend isn’t going anywhere as it’s seen in the form of a super sustainable loungewear set - our new off duty uniform - and jungle fashion is seen in a Butterfly inspired print silk co-ord, a contemporary take on animal print. Inject some colour into your everyday.
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Virtual Garden
Pale - Feminine - Metallics - Futuristic - Digital - Soft colours - Flowing shapes - Transparency

In our post-quarantine world it’s no surprise to see remnants of a sci-fi style in our everyday clothing; think the metallic and transparent detailing of the Blade Runner epics. In a less dystopian approach however, as these themes merge with a contrasting feminine feel of soft colours and flowing shapes. A metallic skirt or silver top is worn with pale pastels, or a soft neutral outfit is paired with a silver shopping bag. Florals are showcased on transparent fabric to allow for unique layering. Get ready to sparkle with our Virtual Garden edit featuring a future-inspired silver top, playful silver skirt, metallic accessories and more.
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Whilst we love to indulge in trends, remember to always shop consciously and only buy pieces which will have a lasting place within your wardrobe. Buy less, buy better!
April 16, 2021 — Customer Service