Thanks(giving) Back

There was a time (pre 2010) when Thanksgiving, that erstwhile, all American, harvest holiday, was a time for doing just that: giving thanks.

These days, the day is perhaps better known as the precursor of black Friday and cyber Monday; days that represent consumerism at its worst, and not something that we subscribe to at TWIIN. So, you’ll find no Black Friday sales here...

Instead, we wanted to do the opposite and give something back, so for Thanksgiving 2019 we decided to partner with @boyishjeans & the Canal & River Trust - a brilliant UK based charity that supports the canals and the wellbeing of their local communities throughout the country - and volunteer with them on a litter collect around the Regents Canal in Kings Cross. 


@malikoa & @emmabreschi volunteering on our #plasticschallenge

 We also thought it would be a good idea to invite some of our favourite influencers along with us – the more the merrier - and frankly if you have a platform what better way to use it than to share information about something so important...

@whitneys_wonderland & @emmabreschi both wearing@boyishjeans proving that you can be sustainable without forfeiting your style...

We were shocked to discover that 80% of the plastic and litter in the oceans finds its way there via inland rivers and water-courses, and that if every visitor to the waterways picked up & recycled just one piece of plastic each time they visited the canals & rivers they could be plastic free within a year. Those are astonishing facts, and really demonstrate how important volunteering actually is.



Formed in 2012 the canal and river trust has its roots in the history of our waterways; where once they provided the veins for industry, the  lifeblood of the cities of the industrial revolution – today they are the lifeblood of the communities local to them, treasured local gems and the trust has been instrumental in their renaissance.



The regeneration of Kings Cross in recent years has ensured that the towpaths around Coal drops Yard are markedly cleaner than they were - even so bags were filled: I can only imagine the impact we might have on less visited parts of the canal - something we'll bear in mind next time.we head out with our litter pickers, and there will, for sure, be a next time (watch this space...)

Throw your litter pickers in the air like you just (do) care - like @idressmyselff 's Yanin.

A massive thank you to everyone who volunteered with us yesterday - we couldn't have done it without you!

If you are interested in volunteering with us next time - just DM us via @twiin - if you'd like to volunteer with the trust directly check out the link below




November 28, 2019 — Polly Pritchett