The Feel Good Edit

 As we head into our 4th week of lockdown, and, for some of us, isolation, I've been considering what it is that makes me feel good. What actually "sparks joy" when faced with another few weeks of dressing for the commute from the bedroom to the living room and back again? Turns out that all the complicated and sophisticated things I've turned to in the past are kind of irrelevant in our new "normal", and actually its something  as simple as a super soft cotton top in a brilliant pop of colour, or the smiley face on my baggu, or even the heady scent of a candle that are working as serious spirit lifters for me.

With that in mind we've put together an edit of all the gorgeous things we sell at TWIIN that we think will bring a smile to your face: from Cotton Citizen tees in Japanese slub cottons, and naughty booty vases from Meegan Barnes to vibrant cotton sundresses from Xirena and animal print bags from Baggu, there's something to suit most wallets.

Covid world might well be the toughest thing we have ever had to face as a global community, but it's always easier to face a crisis with a smile and maybe a hint of lip stain.


First things first - that super soft cotton top - a fantastic neon pink pop of colour to cheer up any day from LA brand Cotton Citizen, seen here on Sophie Haboo...


There's something so life enhancing about a super bright pink - pull on some pink and instantly your mood is lifted. Want something a little less casual? Xirena's Carrie top and Kendall dress would work a treat....I also love the vivid prints of the brand's Tatum dress - perfect for the warmer days ahead.


After colour - scent is the one thing I can always count on to lift my mood - currently my obsession is FlowerBoy Project's Malibu, a miraculous blend of coconut and apricot, that delivers hints of sun tan lotion and happy holidays - a candle that has transported me daily from my home office to the beach.



Finally that bag...So I'm not actually supposed to be leaving the house at the moment (tell that to the dog) let alone going grocery shopping - however that's not stopped me from making the very best use of my baggu at the click + collect - a smiley face reminder of Acid House and the 90s that just brings joy....and at £15 what could be better?!

April 10, 2020 — Polly Pritchett