Earth Day: The Imperfect Shopper
We’re celebrating our precious planet this World Earth Day and everyday, because being a sunshine concept store, it’s our mission to spread good vibes, good messages and good practices in building our colourful, conscious community. With the ever increasing and frankly frightening data displaying the severe effects fast-fashion and over consumption has on our beautiful planet, it is more important than ever for us to encourage our community to make more ethical and sustainable choices, wherever possible. 
No one can deny that it isn’t always easy or feasible to be 100% perfect at all times when, let’s face it, we’re constantly inundated with deals, sales, knock-off designers, and to be honest, pretty good marketing tactics! The imperfect shopper is within us all, but we have full faith that our customers truly care about preserving our gorgeous Mother Earth and take steps to reduce their footprint. At Twiin, we’re a bunch of savvy, sustainable shoppers, who all relish in fabulous fashion and funky furnishings. We all love to style, shop and undoubtedly embrace the glory of retail therapy, but simultaneously, it is important for the Twiin team to inspire a more conscious and curious approach. This Earth Day, we thought we’d share a few of our top tips and tricks for the (all guilty) imperfect shoppers, in efforts to obtain a highly stylish but more sustainable lifestyle. 
Concentrate On Pieces That Work For Multiple Seasons 


There’s no doubt that a good investment piece that works for multiple occasions and multiple seasons is a greener choice than having ten different options, all of lesser quality and more likely to be left sitting in the wardrobe. We like to choose pieces that we can really rely on to last and pieces we can choose for clothes layering come rain or shine. At Twiin, we champion sustainable brands like Daze or Xirena, who offer everyday essentials, perfect for all seasons and with a reduced environmental impact. 
Ask Yourself, How Often Will I Wear This?


Something to always consider at the checkout is if this item is something you actually need. Think, am I just going to wear this on Saturday night and probably never again? Do I need this filling up my wardrobe and draining my bank balance for a quick fashion fix? Sometimes we all need to take that little step back from the excitement of a treat yo’self moment and really think about your purchase. It’s better to invest in something that you love, that is of high quality and that you know you will wear time and time again. Sustainable clothing brands like The Line By K, Farm Rio and Freedom Moses offer the most amazing wardrobe essentials you will be wearing on repeat. 
Monitor Your Buys  
We can’t deny that the feeling of a fresh outfit is totally addictive, but it is more important than ever to find a healthy balance of a well deserved delivery and being a bit excessive. It’s time to normalize and celebrate recycled looks, mixing and matching and getting creative with what you’ve already got, but equally, understanding when it is ok to buy yourself a showstopper outfit for that special day. Mastering the art of sustainable shopping really does involve moderation and determination, so next time you’re filling your basket, maybe think, should I save this feeling for a night that really matters? When that occasion comes around, you can be proud of your willpower and should treat yourself guilt-free to your favorite Staud or Delfi Collective dress you know you’ll truly love and keep for a lifetime.
Don't Be Blinded by The Sale 

Sales really are the biggest temptation of all, and more often than not, sales breed over consumption and bad decision making. We’ve all found ourselves in a big sale frenzy, being fooled by the price tag and bagging items that we really don’t need or wear. Sometimes it’s good to ask yourself would you buy that product full price? If not, wouldn’t you prefer to save your pennies for something you really love, quality over quantity we always say.
Research Brands to Avoid Green-Washing


If you’re asking yourself how to live more sustainably and want to be totally confident in your purchases, a great way to feel more in control is to read and research what those brands are doing to tackle the environmental crisis. We like to understand if their efforts are genuine and want to avoid any greenwashing. What is greenwashing you ask? It is when brands claim to be environmentally conscious as a marketing tool but with no genuine intention. How to avoid greenwashing? Simples, just read up on their practices and find evidence of it, if it doesn’t add up, it’s probably fake news. We find comfort in knowing all of our brands are doing their bit and at Twiin, we are proud partners of the 1% For The Planet organization which you can read more about here. 
Donate, Recycle, Sell

Last of the tips and tricks, and something we should all be doing is donating, recycling and selling our clothes when it’s time for your wardrobe spring clean. Giving to charity is a win win, or organizing a clothes swap afternoon for you and the girls will be a super fun activity. If you can make a little bit of money from your clearout, there’s no better way to do it than selling on Depop, Vinted or Ebay, again, a massive win-win scenario for you and the environment.  
To conclude, we all know the imperfect shopper is within us all, but at least trying is better than not caring at all. Follow a few of these simple steps in efforts to be more sustainable, and we can assure you the planet and your bank balance will be thanking you. Just think, investment fashion pieces, conscious choices, moderation and recycling. If you’re ever in doubt next time you’re shopping sustainably, check out our Conscious Edit for all our top picks.
April 21, 2022 — Jarayd Fee