Twiin teams' guide to what to wear and watch in our movie scenario world.

Working from home once sounded like the dream scenario, but as social distancing begins and the threat of a London-lockdown looms, the idea of WFH frankly feels a little daunting. However in our ultra connected world there are numerous ways to self isolate without being isolated: from hosting a virtual houseparty & facetiming for coffee to a daily Google Hangouts meeting with the team, there ought to be no reason to feel alone in this movie scenario world.

To help you get through the next few weeks we’ve asked our team at Twiin for their top tips, recommended Netflix shows and WFH outfit suggestions...from comfy loungewear and joggers to sweatpants and denim, they’ve got the answers... 


Ayla, Digital Marketing Manager

Working from home for a long period of time can be hard, especially when social distancing comes in and you can’t go for your usual after work pint at the pub! I have been making sure I go for a walk everyday, even for just 10/15 minutes, so I don’t go crazy. We also have group chats between our team and conference calls on a daily basis, which makes it feel a lot less lonely. In the last few days I’ve been trying to watch Netflix shows that are uplifting, and not too serious, to make sure they don’t affect my general mood. I’ve been really enjoying the comedy ‘The Politician’ which is about a highschool student who’s dreamed of becoming president since he was seven. The first step towards his goal is to become the student body president of his school. All the high school drama he is going through is a depiction of the privilege, inauthenticity and the desire to get what you want at any cost, that sums up some real life politicians - but with a lot of humour. If you like the idea of Gossip Girl meets House of Cards, give it a go.

I basically live in my Cotton Citizen tracksuit, cropped crew neck sweatshirt and slim fit joggers - my real life tie dye heaven:



Charlotte, Retail Operations Coordinator

Self isolation has got me guilt-free binge watching Netflix series ‘Love is Blind’ and I am LIVING for it! ‘Love is Blind’ is a dating reality show where we watch singles try and fall in love without ever seeing each other face-to-face. Sounds crazy, but it is the BEST Netflix series ever. In fact during this ‘social distancing’ period we find ourselves in, we could learn a thing or two… I’ve also been watching Netflix show ‘The Good Place’, they’re 20 minute episodes so great to pop-on in between meetings while working from home if you need a well deserved break. I’m usually a real social butterfly, I’m already experiencing extreme cabin fever, but the silver lining is being able to live in my joggers! I’ve been wearing my Xirena Lia shirt with Cotton Citizen cargo sweatpants - video conference call ready on top, and comfy loungewear on the bottom! Going make-up free while not leaving the house is going to do wonders for my skin however, I have been using the Noto Stain Stick on my cheeks and lips to give me a bit of colour and normality!



Owen, Retail Operations Coordinator

Working in a busy, fast-paced city like London, it’s been a big change to have to get used to working from home. On a normal workday, you can catch me wearing a sweatshirt, or a white tee and my Boyish Jeans- but since I’ve been at home I’ve found a new appreciation (maybe even a new PASSION) for jogging bottoms. I’ve been living in my Cotton Citizen Brooklyn set- the sweatpants and even the matching hoodie. It’s hard to choose from SO MANY good netflix shows, but I’ve been obsessed with Grace & Frankie. Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda as lead actresses & best friends is more than I could ever ask for, and they never fail to give me serious style inspo.

Jarayd, Retail Director

Sweatshirts have been an obsession of mine for years! I normally favour clean shapes that I can pair back with a pair of jeans or chinos for work or some comfy matching joggers when I’m at home. My current favourite is in the sale (you’re welcome) it’s the Cowboy Surf sweatshirt from Rxmance. It gives me huge collegiate vibes which i’ve really been feeling lately after binge watching Cheer my new favourite Netflix Show. Cheer follows the trials and tribulations of the Navarro College's competitive cheer squad as they work to win a coveted national title. It’s a total rollercoaster ride of emotions, you’ll be crying, screaming and cheering them along as they go FULL OUT to snatch the trophy. 

My Top working from home tip is SCENT! Lighting candles is a really great way of changing your environment. My current obsession is the Flowerboy Project Malibu Candle which has a lovely coconut fragrance in the morning giving major resort vibes, then after lunch I light the Inglewood Candle also from Flowerboy Project. This scent is heavy with Orange Blossom and Smokey Mesquite which smells both really fresh and relaxing.

Polly, Head of Wholesale and Buyer.

I've worked from home on & off for years and my absolute best tip is to create a definitive working space, away from everyone else (if possible) so that you can separate your work life from your home life. I also find that if I make the effort to get dressed as if I was heading out to work, then I’ll be considerably more productive than if I stay in my pyjamas all day (tempting though that might be) Exercise for me has always helped me to clear my mind and get focused. During this period I’m also planning to spend 30 mins a day exercising - now that the gyms have closed, that means heading out into the fresh air for a jog (well fast walk TBH) possibly there's a positive to Covid 19 - I might finally be able to cancel my gym membership and exercise for free...

Like the rest of the team I love Cotton Citizen’s super stylish loungewear - the Brooklyn set in Vintage Palm is an absolute winner - and we’ve got 25% off for the next month. But I also love to feel a bit more put together so I’m pairing Staud’s Luna Top with Boyish Jeans Mikey in One for the Road, oh and  I’ve also got my eye on the Xirena Beau shirt - a relaxed fit with a gorgeously pretty print - again perfect for pairing back with denim.

If I’m honest I’m finding it quite hard at the moment to get into any particular shows - my brain is pretty hectic so it’s tough to switch off and relax. Having said that I am totally loving The Goop Lab - team “trips” to Jamaica anyone - I’m totally in….Also - those pink sofas at Goop HQ? - Divine.


March 25, 2020 — Polly Pritchett