The White Tee: A wardrobe staple you can’t live without

From it’s humble origins as an undergarment the White Tee has really cemented itself as a Wardrobe Icon. Thrust into popular culture by everyone from Marlon Brando, Elvis, Madonna, Brook Shields and Marilyn Monroe; the basic white t-shirt transcends cultures, gender and class. 

The T-shirt can have it’s roots traced back to medieval times where simple T shaped garments made from wool, silk or linen were worn under rougher garments to protect the skin and to protect more expensive garments from being stained by sweat. Christian associations of the body and its secretions as sinful meant that when an undergarment was shown it was a symbol of humility. 

Jumping forward to the early 20th Century and the mass production of cotton, companies like Hanes and Fruit Of The Loom started producing simple white cotton tees for the US Navy. Images of virile young marines were used to promote the sale of similar garments to the general public. 



In the 50’s the White Tee became a symbol of rebellion. Movie Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando in 1950’s ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ fixed the lowly white tee as a wardrobe essential, the perfect blank canvas to express your identity. 


In the later half of the 20th century it was onwards and upwards. Designers like Katherine Hamnet and Karl Lagerfeld co-opted the t-shirt applying political slogans or pairing it with high end tweed suits. In the 21st Century the Tee has become a cult item an essential tool in building a better wardrobe. 

We’ve collated the best tees from Twiin below:

The Sydney Tee by Cotton Citizen 

The absolute MUST HAVE. This easy fit tee has a crew neck and is the perfect layering piece. Made from a 50/50 mix of super soft supima cotton and silky feeling modal, it had a luxe feel that’s perfect with jeans or a simple layer under a suit jacket. Like all Cotton Citizen it’s made in Los Angeles, no sweatshops here.

The Sydney Tee in White 

The LA Tee by Delfi 

Everything's better with glitter! This tee from Delfi has a more boxy shape and is perfect paired back with any of the brand's signature pleated skirts. 

The Los Angeles Tee in White


The Avant Guard Dogs Tee by Unfortunate Portrait

I love the Unfortunate Portrait tees, I think they’re so funny! They’re also so easy to style. The avant guard dogs is the perfect way to add a bit of humour to your outfit whilst keeping it easy and stylish.

Avant Guard Dogs Graphic Tee | Graphic tees, Guard dogs, Avant guard




This is the perfect simple white tee to wear with jeans, tie it in a knot for the ultimate 90’s look! 


April 29, 2020 — Ana Carnu