Twiin's Complete Guide To Crystals
As the ideal, affordable way to empower the start of your spiritual wellness journey; crystals can make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Crystal healing is the act of using gemstones to bring a balance to your life and mind - using their “stable and unchanging” energy pattern. As with many alternative therapies, the use of healing stones is extremely personal and unique to everyone, however we’ve put together some pointers to assist you in the quest of discovering which crystal to buy. If you’re wondering “which crystal is right for me?” then keep reading…

Coveted sustainable crystal brand Love By Luna make it super easy for experts and newbies alike to find their perfect crystals for a good energy flow. Their collection of zodiac crystals are carefully and expertly selected to match the energy of each individual star sign, whilst their intention sets can be tailored to suit your needs.

The New Beginnings Crystal Set has been hand selected with cleansing, renewing and abundance-boosting properties in mind, perfect for those embarking on a new chapter of life. This deluxe crystal set offers support for those looking to align with new opportunities and navigate transitions whilst leaving energetic baggage behind and ushering in a fresh start, AKA that bestie of yours who is tired of an awful boss or an underpaid and overworked position - This set will banish those bad vibes and give her the boost needed to finally move on, without burning any bridges! It’s no stress if the user isn’t a crystal pro, Love By Luna includes a cute info card for every set with all the properties and usage tips.

Crystals included
Amethyst Cluster for enhancing intuition and vision.
Peacock Ore for encouraging positive, flexibility and gratitude.
Clear Quartz Point for clearing away stagnant energy and self doubt.
Pyrite for embracing personal power.
Green Calcite for attracting opportunities, luck and abundance.

The Manifesting Success Crystal Set has been hand selected to attract prosperity, career success, good fortune and opportunities, perfect for anyone that needs some extra luck when manifesting their goals. This deluxe crystal set offers dynamic support for those looking to turn your dreams into reality, AKA the one who’s always unlucky in life, love and whatever else! Give them the boost they need to go forth ready to catch some wins!

Crystals included
Rough Green Aventurine the "Stone of Opportunity".
Citrine Point (the "Merchant's Stone" & "Stone of Success".
Aragonite Star Cluster for deflecting negative energy.
Green Calcite for optimism and luck.
Pyrite for embracing personal power and strength.

The Soul Soother Crystal Set has been hand selected with relaxation in mind. This deluxe crystal set offers support for those looking to alleviate emotional tension, stress, anxiety, fear and worry. Got a friend that’s feeling a little stretched thin as we re-enter office commuting and social plans? Well, we’re feeling the same for sure… This set aids in handling frayed nerves and restless thoughts thanks to its combination of particularly calming and cleansing stones! These are the perfect soothing crystals for anxiety sufferers of any kind.

Crystals included
Rose Quartz for heart healing, self-love, and forgiveness.
Blue Lace Agate for soothing and inner peace.
Lepidolite for stress and anxiety relief.
Rainbow Moonstone for enhancing intuition.
Amethyst Point for calming and balance.

The Chevron Amethyst is a soothing combination of Amethyst and clarifying White Quartz. This purple stone is said to be perfect for lifting spiritually and improving meditation, lifting away any illusions which could obscure vision of the truth. This stone’s purifying effects assist in dissolving negativity and restoring balance through life’s crazy ups and downs! This stone can support spiritual personal growth and inner tranquility, whilst rid negative thoughts - basically it’ll help you or your loved one chill the f*** out!

The Citrine Point is Known as the Stone of Success. This warm Citrine helps to attract abundance, joy and success wherever it goes! If yourself or a loved one are entering into entrepreneurial endeavours, this crystal is the perfect companion to not only attract wealth but also maintain it - and we feel like most of us could do with a little help for that. Love by Luna recommend you store this crystal in your workspace, wallet or wherever you generate money to attract good fortune and get ready for the cash to roll in!

The Peacock Ore is referred to as the Stone of Happiness. Brimming with positivity, this stone is known to have an uplifting effect on those who use it. Perfect to turn to when you're looking to release past disappointment and allow the present to unfold with gratitude - no more anxiety for anxieties' sake. Considered one of the most effective mood stabilisers of the mineral kingdom due to its natural lithium which helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and worry with ease. We’ll take plenty of that! 

The Green Aventurine is considered a beacon of good fortune. If you or a loved one is looking to turn over a new leaf then this is the crystal to go for. The lush, invigorating hue symbolises new beginnings and paving a way for a fresh start. Leave behind those pesky and toxic outdated habits (or people! Say no more…) so you can embrace welcome change into your life. Write down a positive intention on a piece of paper and place under this stone to support its growth, or keep it next to a house plant as a reminder to continuously care for it - preferably one you’ve managed to keep alive!

The Lepidolite is known as the "stone of transition" - Lepidolite encourages gentle change, releasing old habits and harmful patterns which are no longer serving you. If you know someone who is always their own worst enemy, this is the crystal for them. The soothing properties of this stone will promote emotional balance and inner peace, encouraging the user to gently return to a place of tranquility and awareness. We have to admit most of us could do with some self-awareness sometimes.

The Rose Quartz is one of the most well-known crystals, the universal stone of love and compassion. Rose Quartz's gentle and nurturing energy opens your heart to its true desires and all forms of love, yes, including those Tinder dates you or a friend can’t stop flaking! Wash the pain of the past away and replace these feelings with forgiveness, acceptance and most importantly self-love. Rose Quartz will help you to release any old emotional wounds and invite all forms of unconditional love into your life.
June 25, 2021 — Customer Service