Twiin's Favourite Thanksgiving Recipes for 2020

For Team Twiin Thanksgiving is all about celebrating our blessings (yes, even in 2020) and thanking the planet! This time last year we decided to celebrate by giving our thanks to the Planet by bringing together some of our Twiinfluencers to clean up the canals around Coal Drops Yard with The Canal & River Trust. 

Each year an estimated 14 million pieces of plastic end up in and around the UK’s canals and rivers alone, resulting in around 500,000 pieces washing into the Ocean and therefore becoming part of a global problem. Not only that but in cities like London and L.A. microplastic pollution has reached such a severe point that it is now being deposited in the rain and even the air.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to run another event like this this year, so instead we will be working hard to have the most sustainable Christmas we can and lessening our plastic consumption.


And for thanksgiving? Team Twiin will be staying cosy at home and celebrating with some amazing traditional American recipes. We’ve collected our fave Thanksgiving recipes for you to try this week!


Let’s start with the most important part: DESERT. There is no Thanksgiving Dinner without Pumpkin Pie and we love this Recipe from @thebrowneyedbaker.



Sometimes we need to whip up a fast and easy dinner (especially when you are living in the UK just like us and working on Thanksgiving). We found this amazing 1 pot & 1 pan Thanksgiving meal by @clarkbar.



Our fave plant based foodie account put together a list of 10 delicious sides for your Thanksgiving meal.



For anyone who would like to stay on the healthy side, check out Bosh TV’s mouth watering Thanksgiving salad.

November 26, 2020 — Customer Service