Twiin's Guide To An Eco Friendly Christmas

Christmas is always a busy time, and it looks like 2020 is stacking up to be no different: with Christmas parties swapped for Zoom drinks and socially distanced present delivery meaning we need to be extra organised. Whilst we’re all in need of some festive, holiday cheer, it’s important not to get swept up in the consumerism of the season and avoid entering 2021 feeling overwhelmed or cluttered. 

That’s why Team Twiin thought we’d put together our top tips for a sustainable Christmas. With traditions of ordering a new dress for the office party, piles of food wastage from family dinners and all of those presents (and the wrapping they came in) to be tossed aside after Christmas day, it’s up to us all to be more conscious.


Choose Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gifts

In 2020 we’ve really seen the importance of supporting small and independent businesses and there’s no better time to do this than when you’re picking up your Christmas gifts. Using your spending power shows corporations than we’re interested in sustainable and eco friendly Christmas gifts. Of course, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for certain loved ones and that’s why we’ve put together our Edit of Christmas Gift Sets, filled with items handmade with love by brands backing sustainable processes, inclusivity, staying completely vegan friendly and utilising fully recyclable packaging.


Swap to Recyclable or Reusable Gift Wrapping

Listen, we know we all have a soft spot for incredible Pinterest worthy gift wrap, but sometimes these options aren’t exactly eco friendly. In a bid to be less wasteful (it only gets torn open and discarded anyway!) this year we’ll be switching to some more sustainable options. Need some inspo? How about using old newspapers and paring with a festive ribbon you can reuse, or carefully saving the wrapping from gifts you receive this year to reuse in a years time? Another gorgeous option is using a fabric scarf which doubles as a second gift to the lucky receiver! As easy trick to remember is the scrunch test: If you scrunch a piece of wrapping paper into a ball and it stays, it can probably be recycled. 

Of course, for the most stress free gifting simply add our Sustainable Gift Wrapping into your basket. Our team will reach out to you to organise the careful wrapping and tag personalisation, meaning the gift can just be popped in the post directly to your loved one. The best part is all of our gift wrapping is sustainable and recyclable, even down to our eco friendly tape!


Go Vegan For Christmas Dinner

Hold the groans! We all know veganism is better for the environment and a plant-based Christmas menu doesn’t make it any less special! With endless amounts of inspiration online you’ll be sure to find a tasty alternative. 


Unsure? Opt-Out

As much as we all enjoy gifting to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift. Rather than giving someone something you’re not convinced by, why not opt-out and leave the decision making up to them? This could mean online gift cards (you can purchase an extra-special one from Twiin here) or even just spending quality time together and promising a fun catch up drink or meal (once local restrictions allow). After all, many of us have seen what’s really important this year and are already buying less and buying better which is the most sustainable attitude to have, all year round.

November 25, 2020 — Customer Service