What to wear & watch in October

 It’s only the first week of Tier 2 Restrictions and we’re already climbing the walls. There’s two things on our mind! What are Autumn outfits going to look like and what are we watching on Netflix in October? We've checked in with the Twiin Team to get their autumn essentials. 



What to Watch:
After my summer binge of Selling Sunset, I need another reality TV fix. Below Deck gave me everything I needed, Super Yachts, Super Hotties and Super Drama!


What to Wear:
I’m currently letting this F*&K It  Necklace from Paradigm do all the talking whilst I’m masked up. Big 2020 Mood tbh. After all these months working from home, I’ve been burning a different Boy Smells candle each day to create a different vibe in my room. The Angelica Candle is definitely a favourite, it’s a bright and green heavy scent with soft hints of Jasmine.

The Say It Coin Necklace in Fuck It
Paradigm - Fuck It Necklace

The Pride Anjelica Candle
Boy Smells - Anjelica Candle



What to Watch:
Fleabag - FINALLY I was able to watch this on Amazon Prime (cause who has a TV license anymore?!) and it totally lived up to the hype. It made me want to laugh, cry and yell all in the space of its short 25 min episodes. If you're in the few that's yet to watch, be sure to dedicate some evenings to this one.


What to Wear:
The team know my love for the Bentley Dress in Tawny Port and I'm styling it in the cooler weather with my trusty thermals and chunky boots. I've also been soothing my irritated skin with the Moisture Riser Cream from NOTO which contains Hyaluronic Acid, the perfect ingredient to add into your routine in these dry Winter months! 

The Bentley Dress in Tawny Port
Staud - Bentley Dress

The Moisture Riser Cream
Noto - The Moisture Riser Cream



What to Watch:
David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet. As soon as Sir Attenborough joined Instagram, I knew shit was about to get real.  Not going to lie, I was apprehensive.  I thought I was going to feel like a child being told off for my naughty behaviour (not going to lie, in a way I kind of did) but mostly I finished it feeling optimistic and incentivised!  Like all of Sir Attenborough’s programme’s it is beautifully shot, but he lays down clear goals and steps for us to take, and I challenge even the most stoic person not to shed a tear in that final scene.


What to Wear:
I am obsessed with making sure my purchases are as considered and sustainable as possible.  I am trying to build a “capsule” wardrobe with classic, stylish pieces that I can wear long term. I am LIVING in my Boyish Jeans. I wear the Charley in Greed pretty much every day. Denim is renowned for using excessive amounts of water to produce & Boyish uses sustainable practices to produce their denim and strive towards zero waste all while making sure the jeans are really, really, really great fit. 

The Charley in Greed
Boyish - Charley in Greed




What to Watch:
It’s not been an easy year let’s be honest - and frankly my recommendation isn’t going to make anyone feel better - in fact Reversing Roe might well be one of the most challenging watches of the year - but I’m recommending it as essential viewing because the fragility of a women’s right to make decisions over her own body has never been so aptly demonstrated. It’s not an easy watch ( it’s not an easy subject after all) and TBH I might have shouted at the screen on several occasions- but yes , I’d say it’s something that needs to be watched ...


What to Wear:
All this WFH is not doing my heating bills any favours - so I’m really excited to get my hands on our new Xirena knits to snuggle up in - I love all 3 colours but the purple one has a special place in my heart.

The Hutton Sweater in Starlight
Xirena - Hutton Sweater



What to Watch:
Emily in Paris, I know, I know. It is cliché and totally stereotypical, but it definitely took my mind of Corona and seriously made me want to go back to Paris again. Great for every fashion lover who is looking for a show that is super easy to watch...zero brain power needed.


What to Wear:
Rainy autumns are all about cuddling up on the sofa. I've been living in my favourite colour this month: Purple. I don't think I will ever be able to take off my super soft Xirena Hutton Sweater and cuddly Le Bon Shoppe Socks in Grape.

The Hutton Sweater in Lonestar
Xirena - Hutton Sweater


The Boyfriend Socks in Grape
Le Bon Shoppe - Boyfriend Socks in Grape



October 21, 2020 — Customer Service