Which Autumn Stereotype are you?

Are you still struggling to find the perfect Autumn outfits? We’ve broken down the three Clichéd Autumn Style Tribes to make finding those fall outfits simpler. And yes, whilst some of this might be hard to handle, be honest with yourself. As Lizzo sings, ‘Truth Hurts’ it’s time to embrace your inner Autumnal personality.

Boho Babe

Her style: Patterns and textures are her go to, even better if it’s pattern on pattern or texture on texture. 

Can be found: She’s definitely a west London gal or wanders the streets of Venice in L.A. searching for the perfect crystal to centre herself. 

Often heard: “Is this Rose Quartz organic?”1. Hutton Sweater in First Star / 2. Lavender and Vanilla Elixir 
3. Teagan Skirt in Trail / 4. Zodiac Crystals / 5. PRIDE Candle in Cedar Stack
6. Emma Sweater in Chevron / 7. Island Tote Bag in Tan


Fall Minimalist

Her style: Simple, streamlined and Chic, clean pallets of Black and White.  

Can be found: East London or Silverlake, but before it was cool. 

Often heard: “Does this come in Black?”

1. Harley Top in White / 2. C'est Dress in Black / 3. Cotton Socks in True Black 
4. Set of Three Masks in Earth / 5. Tommy Jeans in the Hustler


Pumpkin Spice Lover

Her style: You know her, she loves a comfy knit, the latest phone case and a bit of sparkle.

Can be found: South London or West Hollywood, anywhere the latest pop up is.  

Often heard: “Babe, do you think this is gridworthy?”1. Blair Coat in Cinnamon / 2. Do It For The Gram Print 
3. Socks in Coral Glitter / 4. Kelly Side Slot in Sienna / 5. Sally Sweater in Cream

October 22, 2020 — Customer Service