Why I Started Using An Eco Dry Cleaner
“The most sustainable clothes are the ones already in your wardrobe”

A big part of our ethos here at Twiin is to buy less and buy better, and with this reusing clothes is a huge factor in our everyday lives. In order to keep these beloved clothes looking their best for as long as possible, comes regular dry cleaning. The act of dry cleaning alone can bring with it another hurdle as this process can have a huge effect on the environment due to the solvents used. Commonly used Perchloroethylene can have catastrophic consequences on the environment, contaminating water supplies and soils, making them toxic for both animals and plants.

So, if we want the perfect sustainable balance we must collectively tackle how to make our clothes last longer without polluting the environment in this way. But what is eco dry cleaning? Thankfully there are many eco-friendly and green dry cleaners that take these issues into their own hands by using non-toxic products. These companies also work with respect for the Earth and health of workers at the forefront of their business. Making this switch brings many benefits for your health and your wardrobe’s longevity.

Due to the lack of harsh, toxic chemicals eco-friendly dry cleaners don’t leave any unpleasant chemical odours on your clothing.

Brighter Colours
Another benefit of the lack of these chemicals is a noticed improvement in the optical brightness of all colours and whites, meaning your items will look newer for longer.

Natural conditioning & anti-static properties give your clothing a softer feel.

So, have we convinced you? Great! Here are a few of our favourite eco-friendly dry cleaners that operate throughout London and beyond.

Operating in South Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill and Marylebone.
Known as the Net A Porter of dry cleaners, Blanc use a technique called “wet-cleaning” that is easy on your clothes and does not shrink or damage even wool! Blanc pick up and deliver across London so it’s no worries if you don’t live super close to one of their locations. Our favourite part is that they go beyond an average dry cleaners by offering tailoring services, meaning they’re also able to alter clothing to make it the perfect fit for you, another way to make your pieces last as long as possible.
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Operating all over London and throughout Oxford and Cambridge.
Oxwash have perfected the collect and drop off system around London, perfect for those of us with busy schedules and that want to avoid any unnecessary travel across the city. Better yet, all of their couriers use zero-emission electric bikes. Their washing process saves up to 60% of typical water consumption and prevents plastic pollution into water through microfibre filtration.
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Operating in West London, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.
Blu use a new but proven process with biodegradable, health friendly detergents and fresh water to replace the traditional toxic dry cleaning chemicals. This process has been endorsed by clothing manufacturer's around the world.
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Operating throughout London.
Famous for their impeccable pick up and drop off service using 100% electric vans, Connoisseur dry cleaners are part of the Green Garment Care project. Beyond that, they’re also a third generation family run business and their small team work hard in being an eco-pioneer in their industry. Their unique process eliminates the use of traditional chemicals and is less abrasive and more gentle on all fabrics.
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Change can come with every small decision you make. Switching to an eco-friendly dry cleaners can kick-start your journey to a more sustainable wardrobe!
May 14, 2021 — Customer Service