Your 2021 Horoscope
We sat down (virtually, of course) with Agne Aurelia, London based astrologer and founder of Sirius Rising - @siriusrising_astrology. Agne was fascinated by the stars, cosmos and astrological archetypes from a very early age. Which led her to study astrology in London, UK and Canada. With a main focus on natal charts and karmic readings, Agne uses astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery and healing. 
Want to know what’s in store for you via your 2021 Horoscope for this year? Then continue reading below! Remember - The 2021 horoscope is a general guideline to navigate the year for each Archetype. We are our charts, not just our Sun/Rising Sign and if you are after a more in-depth and accurate insight, we must take a closer look at our individual charts.


Aries Rising or Aries
Aries, first half of the year, your career will continue to go through turbulent waters. It might feel like your chosen vocation no longer empowers your natural fiery enthusiasm, or worse, is fear-inducing and taking your confidence away. You might experience a sudden job loss or decide to completely change direction, superficial motives will no longer fuel your fire and finally you’ll decide to go after your wildest dreams! If you are in a senior position, Pluto crossing your 10th house warns you: try to release control and empower others, instead of playing the big boss. From mid July, you will see a massive improvement in your career. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in your 11th House calls you to take your dreams and wishes seriously, make a realistic plan and follow through, connect to your authentic self, don’t be afraid to unleash your inner weirdo. 

Aries, we know that you are so very capable, independent and competitive, but connecting with your tribe and working as a team, might get you closer to your star! Finances will continue to go through sudden ups and downs. Big earnings, followed by bigger spendings. Uranus is calling you to re-evaluate your value system and your relationship with the material world. Dark Moon Lilith will point out if you have become stingy or gone down the endless online shopping spree hole. Try to look at money matters from a detached perspective, sudden insights might be had on how to increase your earnings. Just remember to play fair and square!


Taurus Rising or Taurus

Uranus will lend you his original flair this year, you will continue to shock society with fresh ideas and might even have a sudden breakthrough. You might have an inclination to go through a complete makeover, being bolder and braver than ever before. Dark Moon Lilith might tempt you to get too preoccupied with self. Careful, Taurus, nobody likes a narcissist, remember your value cannot be measured by likes or zeros on your payslip. However, if you choose to blend humility with originality, great progress will be made in your career development. The Great Conjunction will empower your team work skills. Connect, collaborate, make a long term career plan and

work hard. Slow and steady wins the race, but you already know that Taurus. Neptune is still in your 11th house of dreams and wishes, we know you are a very practical and Earthy creature, but remember the power of manifestation is real! Don’t forget to incorporate daily meditation into your routine! Believe it, feel it, achieve it.

Deep down you might feel quite isolated, as if you are not fitting in, or the universe is somehow against you. Do inner child work, connect to your authentic energy. This feeling will pass. Be aware of friends who “need help” and might not be who they seem, you might want your friendships to take you away and help you escape mundane realities, but you might end up dragged in to their problems, playing the saviour, your energy depleted.

The Karmic nodes advise: while earning money don’t cut corners. It’s not the best time to be investing, especially in projects abroad, stick to your network, rediscover your local community, start the conversation, exchange ideas. 


Gemini Rising or Gemini 
Great year for you Gemini, North node is shining on you! You might have the urge to work on yourself and step away from pleasing people. Partnerships might start to stifle you. Instead focus on yourself, nurture your talents, step into your own power. Others will see you as a breath of fresh air. From the second half of the year stay grounded and resist the urge to indulge in your shadow self, false image, flakey manoeuvres, gossiping and shit stirring. It won’t get you anywhere, instead put your energy into learning a new skill or two which, no doubt will add some brownie points to your charm. Any applications for those long dreamt studies/ working visas will be easier than expected. Make sure you don’t go sloppy on the details and all should go as planned. No restrictions will hold you back to connect to a wider audience. If you have been planning on publishing that manuscript, go all out, self-publish if you need to, internet is your game. 

Hold off with investments or borrowing money. Any leftover debts, now might feel more burdensome than ever, hold on, the second half of the year will offer solutions. Neptune might be casting his dreamy haze onto your career. Good time to consider becoming an artist, writer, or a healer. You might have a calling to choose a vocation which allows you to escape the mundanities of life or at least help others heal their wounds. Pluto is still lurking at the depths of your 8th House and your psychological landscape might be changing. You might go through a deep transformation, intimacy issues might surface up. Do the Shadow work, face your demons. Don’t worry all will be well and from July you will start to feel significantly lighter. 


Cancer Rising or Cancer
Mundane everyday life might bring you down, which will encourage you to seek refuge in meditation, crystal healing and dreams. For those of you who feel like it’s difficult to speak your truth, say ‘no’, or simply communicate with confidence, this is the year to put in conscious efforts to unblock your throat chakra. Partnerships which have outgrown you will either transform or decay, leaving your life for good. What you are seeking is intimacy and honesty, connecting to someone beyond superficial and the second half of the year might just introduce you to someone who instinctively gets you. 

2021, might be a good time to reevaluate your finances and make a long term investment in your truest, most deep desires. Be bold and trust your spider senses, do not take investment (both financial and emotional) lightly, remember the goal is to set yourself free, not get further dependent. 2021 is a good year to pay back any debts. Make a plan, Jupiter and Saturn will have your back.

There may be turbulent waters in your friendship group, Uranus will cut cords with those who try to box you in and bring new people who encourage you authentically. Pay close attention, one off opportunities might present themselves. Those will be game changing for your dreams, wishes and finances. Don’t snooze, chances like that do not come along often. 


Leo Rising or Leo
Leo, 2021 is the year to settle down! Jupiter and Saturn in your partnership house will urge you to find someone serious, someone you would like to build a future with. Same goes for business partners. Old, rigid, monotonous routines and work patterns won’t satisfy you anymore, you might decide to completely transform outdated 9 to 5 to something more flexible, connected, digital, perhaps even going down the self-employment route. Uranus in your career house will shake things up, expect sudden career changes, go with the flow, don’t dig your heels in. Lilith might tempt you to sell out, instead follow the path which aligns with your true values.

Be careful investing! Deals might appear better than they seem. Same goes for your intimate partners, oh the butterflies and fireworks, but make sure you are letting the right one in. At least hold off until May-June, or look to Jupiter and Saturn for guidance, choose someone autonomous, mature, ambitious. Someone who nurtures your independence and avoid codependent, confused Neptunian folk. It is the year to honour your friendships, actively listen, be curious, remember to share the microphone and share your stage. Creativity might come through collaborations so time to put your ego aside and become a team player. 


Virgo Rising or Virgo
Virgo, the Great Conjunction is lighting up your favourite house of routines, health, servitude and detailed work! Lucky you, feeling right in your element. Your productivity will sky rocket and you will incorporate some amazing health and work routines into your schedule. Your work will feel truly meaningful, allowing you to make a difference, by extending a helping hand to those in need. In fact, it’s time to grow up and leave the nest. Safety of your home and family might be your comfort zone, but the world is calling and it is time to leave your mark. 

If you are struggling to choose which career path to take, be brave and instead of going for something that is expected of you, go after something which scares you the most. You might seek to escape through relationships, chasing those otherworldly, magical connections. Remember, the honeymoon phase never lasts, and soon you are left with disappointment. Perhaps you are choosing depressed, codependent partners, or maybe you still haven’t let go of that old love? Unrequited love, fantasy, delusions might be big themes for you. Virgo, you are kind and helpful, but helpless partners won’t make you any more noble, avoid co-dependency and deceptiveness. Your relationships will either go through a 360 degree transformation or will decay and die. Best remedy is creativity, releasing all these pent up emotions in the form of a song, poem or a painting. 


Libra Rising or Libra
Libra 2021 will offer deep healing for your partnerships. Jupiter and Saturn will bring a more mature approach to love. You will seek someone who is autonomous, yet a best-friend and willing to settle in for a long haul. If you are in a committed relationship, you might find yourself and the partner discussing children? 

Pluto in the 4th house might force you to seek a new living arrangement. Perhaps your home no longer feels like home? Second half of the year will provide solutions to your problems. It is a good time to move, consider buying a house or settling down. Neptune in your 6th House, might make you feel quite lethargic with your routine, it might be difficult to focus or get anything done, but May already offers a burst of energy, take control of your health, daily routines and work patterns. Committing to spiritual practices, enrolling yourself into a course, or simply reading more, might turn out to be useful and invigorating. Uranus and Lilith can give you some sudden insights into your psyche. You can dig deeper than expected, unconscious patterns might resurface, perfect time for healing, doing some shadow work and incorporating those parts of your personality which you have been repressing for a long time. 


Scorpio Rising or Scorpio
Scorpio, your relationships might be going through a rollercoaster. Expect sudden breakups and makeups. First half of the year, it might be your own fault. Do not succumb to manipulative and controlling tendencies. On a bad day you might be breaking up, but on a good day love might seem like a dream. You might feel like you are in love with love, your lover inspiring you to be a more compassionate giving person. Neptune in your 5th house will want to pull the two of you into a blissful bubble, but perhaps you are imposing your illusions onto your partner? To avoid sudden breakup, give your partner space, honour their independence. 

Working in a subordinate role might be especially painful for you this year, you might feel like you cannot access your leadership qualities, hence business partnerships might end suddenly. Try not to voice ultimatums, we know you are passionate, but Pluto in your 3rd house is trying to teach you to put your intense passions aside and communicate with calm honesty. 

North Node in your 8th house gives you a green light to invest, take out a mortgage. Your most immediate circle of friends and acquaintances might jump at the opportunity to help you out. It’s a good time to buy a house or renovate your home! Your family will prove to be both your safe haven and source of support. Consult your family members for wise advice.


Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius
Sag this year might feel a bit humbling. You will be forced to learn, listen, connect and stay present, instead of running away at the first sign of things not going your way. Avoid the urge to preach and stop clinging onto outdated beliefs. Instead listen, you might learn a thing or two. Good year to expand your network online. Opportunities might present themselves not in the far, exotic lands, but your local community.

Travelling no longer being an option, you might finally want to settle down and invest energy into spending more quality time with your partner and old friends. Your daily routines and work might appear to be quite hectic. Be careful not to feed your laziness, do some shadow work to identify habits and patterns which are setting you back, don’t be afraid of change. Once you’ll shed the old skin, your routines gain a healthier, more grounded rhythm. First half of a year your finances might undergo a massive upheaval, it might feel that you are surviving on very little, be patient, stick with it, make a plan, implement a structure, the second half of the year already will feel much more relaxed. 

We know you are a traveller and need that far reaching horizon, it is only natural that home might feel like a prison. It is up to you though what you want to put your energies into: yoga, meditation, arts and creativity or victimhood, depression, escapism through recreational drugs? Healing might come through creativity, sports, embracing your inner child and unleashing your enthusiasm. You don’t have to travel far away to enjoy all that! 


Capricorn Rising or Capricorn
Capricorn your hard work is paying off! This year already feels much lighter and it’s time to review sources of your income. Money can come from digital work, make a realistic structure for an online business, a new cycle is beginning and if you’ll play your cards right, expect far reaching results. Stay adaptable in your approach to work and routines. It’s time to connect with your network to get some work. Don’t just leave it to chance, act on it, actively engage your contacts. Learn about new ways of working and connecting. Don’t let your inner fears hold you back. 

If you don’t want to be a parent, better use protection, Uranus in the 5th house can bring spontaneous romances as well as a surprise pregnancy. First half of the year, your romantic encounters might be exceptionally wild, sexy, electrifying, but short lived. Old ancestral or family hurts might surface up, do your inner child work, family and home is where you will feel a lot of healing energy. Face your inner wounds with honesty and bravery. Capricorn, we know you are a tough cookie, but even you are allowed to have feelings. If you are finding it difficult to express your feelings, turn to art, this year creativity might be the most efficient form of communication.

Your image and how you perceive yourself might go through a massive transformation, you might feel like you cannot recognise yourself in the mirror anymore. Your old self is dying and you need to let go. Forget about what others think and move towards a rebirth. Mid summer, a new you will emerge and you will see that all the hardships were worth it! 


Aquarius Rising or Aquarius
This is your year Aquarius! You are the brightest shining star of 2021! It is a new 60 year cycle for you, so act on it! From the start of the year you will feel like the old life is far in the past and you are hungry for changes. You have so much energy that you might not be sure which direction to take. In January, make a long term plan, strategise and then act! Remember you are the Lord of hopes, wishes, friendships and dreams, be as wild as you want, reach for your star! Jupiter will expand your desires, and Saturn will provide structure to achieve it! We know that you feel more comfortable hiding in the group, but 2021 calls you to take the stage! 

Be careful with your finances, you might spend more than you have. It might be wise to get a good accountant. Although, saying that early summer might bring some big earnings. Home life might be quite turbulent, perhaps you will change your dwelling a few times this year. Stay grounded and connect to core values, try not to get too stubborn, otherwise home/ family dynamics can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

North Node in your 5th house urges you to learn more skills and show it off, claim your voice, perform, soak up the applause! It’s good for once to prioritise yourself, take the stage and leave the safety of a group. Good year to learn new performing arts/ techniques and show it to the world!


Pisces Rising or Pisces
Pisces, take it easy this year. Global isolation might be affecting you more than others, there might be a feeling of deep seated loneliness. Use this time to nurture yourself and treat yourself gently. You might be a bit confused with what you want to do and it’s okay. This feeling will pass. 

From May till July it’s your time. All eyes will be on you. You will exude especially dreamy, ethereal and inspiring energy. You might even become someone’s muse! Be very honest and transparent with your communication, avoid being deceptive or willingly deceived. Be careful signing contracts and documents, make sure to double save important images and documents, sudden online breakdown might wipe them out.

It’s a good year to step back from your career, and enjoy the pleasures of your home. If possible, invite your mates and relatives, spend time with family, you might learn a lot. Invest more energy connecting with those closest to you. Good time to refurbish your home or learn new skills at home. Some friendships might dissolve but you will see who your true friends are. From mid- summer you will be surrounded by a much healthier and supportive bubble. Same goes for your dreams/ aspirations. Something that you have always wanted might lose meaning. It’s okay to mourn the loss of purpose, reevaluate your goals. If you are feeling low let it be, nourish your spirit with mediation, take it easy. From May you will feel much more hopeful and energised.

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