Your August 2021 Monthly Horoscope
Once again, we’ve once sat down virtually with Agne Aurelia, London based astrologer and founder of Sirius Rising - @siriusrising_astrology. Agne uses astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery and healing and is here to shed some light on what the month of August has in store.

Agne is here to provide some guidance for the month ahead. As social lives return and work pressures may be increasing, we can power through any stressors by prioritising time with family, loved ones and most importantly investing into self-care.

Remember - The August horoscope is a general guideline to navigate the month for each Archetype. We are our charts, not just our Sun/Rising Sign. Read your monthly horoscopes below to see what the next 30 days may have in store for you…

Aries Rising or Aries

Aries, August will be one of the busiest months this year, both professionally and socially. You will have lots of energy to get things done at work, but will also enjoy a colourful kaleidoscope of parties, concerts and joyful reunions with adoring friends. The New Moon in Leo, will boost your creative expression and optimism. Uranus stationing in retrograde will ask you to think of ways to increase your income so you can go for a more creative and fulfilling professional journey. August will be a great time to fall in love, or invest into a creative project.

Taurus Rising or Taurus
Taurus, what a lovely month for romance, love and self-expression. With Venus and Mars in your 5th house you will be busy with creative projects, proudly taking the stage. Your ideas will be celebrated. Your love life will be fuelled with romanticism and raw passion - Enjoy! Uranus going retrograde in your 1st house will prompt you to connect to your authentic self, outside of family influence. It's time to start honest conversations and bring to the surface any unresolved family trauma.


Gemini Rising or Gemini

Gemini, expanding your contacts, closing deals and expressing yourself with exuberant confidence, you will be in your element. Full Moon in Pisces will highlight your career. A professional project you’ve been working on since March will finally start taking shape and bring you a long awaited sense of fulfilment. This month is also a great time to move house, buy property or put down deposit for your forever home. With Uranus stationing retrograde in your 12th house, don’t forget to find time to manifest and root deeper within yourself. 


Cancer Rising or Cancer
Cancer, August might bring amazing opportunities to increase your wealth; you might secure a better paid job, get a bonus or a long awaited pay rise! If you're able, feel free to indulge in some spending and treat yourself! Also, your contact book might be exploding so reach out as August will be a very favourable time to forge alliances. Uranus going into retrograde can highlight ways you are giving your power away trying to fit in, you might find friendships can end suddenly. If so, it’s happening at the right time. Let go and focus on yourself. 


Leo Rising or Leo

Leo, Happy Birthday! It's your time to shine! You will feel more magnificent and gorgeous than ever! Good time to invest in your body and health. Expect a bounty coming your way, not only in a form of birthday gifts, but also opportunities to earn big bucks! The end of the month will be very sociable and can bring lots of new contacts into your life. While your career can suddenly go into a standstill, use this opportunity to reflect on your professional choices and how they align with your values. If you have been considering going freelance, or changing jobs, it’s time to do so.


Virgo Rising or Virgo
Virgo, this August others will find you very attractive and naturally gravitate towards you. Your fighting spirit will be ignited and you will readily stand up for your beliefs with unbridled passion. However, at moments, your energy might plummet down quickly, so remember that self care always comes first. Meditation and crystal work can do wonders. The end of the month will be great for you Virgo! Treat it as a new start! Be ready to reinvent yourself and welcome new opportunities. If you are in a relationship you might decide to take next step towards deeper commitment. If you are single, it might become clear: your ideal partner has been close to you all this time!


Libra Rising or Libra

Libra, professionally August is a fantastic month to connect, collaborate and step into a leadership role. Invest your time into collaborative work and passion projects. This month you have the power to bring people together! Be aware, it might get quite busy at work. Be careful not to absorb the energy of others and exercise healthy boundaries. Make sure you find time to retreat and relax. Do some mediation, yoga, spend time in blissful solitude in nature.


Scorpio Rising or Scorpio
Scorpio, with Uranus stationing retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships, be prepared for sudden (but needed) break-ups across both professional and romantic areas of your life. Since Uranus governs autonomy and freedom, you might find yourself unshackling from bonds which have been holding you down for quite awhile now. On a brighter note, it’s a fantastic time to collaborate with people who share your passions and take one step closer towards your dreams! With Sun in your 10th house of career and achievement, move towards your dream job with confidence. Promotion or a new opportunity is in the stars!


Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius
Dear Sag, August is a great month for long awaited travels abroad! Finally you can go on an another adventure. Perhaps a long awaited job placement or a woking visa is now confirmed. Professionally it's time to strategise, plan and reach out to investors. Uranus stationing retrograde in your 6th house of health and daily work, will ask you to reevaluate your daily routines, diet and exercise regime. Don’t overwork, health always comes first. Time to come up with ways how to increase your productivity without burning out physically and emotionally.


Capricorn Rising or Capricorn
Capricorn, August is a great month to explore your intimate life. You will crave for deep physical and emotional connection and it will become clear what is inauthentic in your relationships. Old bonds can be released to make space for new, improved ones. Alternatively, a stale relationship can be transformed as passions are reignited. Stay vulnerable and open. It’s also a great time to look for projects and contacts in foreign lands. The end of the month can bring an influential and generous investor who might open many doors for you professionally. 


Aquarius Rising or Aquarius
Aquarius, if you’ve been planning on taking things to the next level with your partner, it’s the time to do so. It will become clear that you are stronger together than apart. Your partner will prove to be your greatest ally in good times and bad. You are like a really small gang, always having each others’ backs, but also calling each other on your bullshit - that and amazing sex! Home life can go through an unexpected shock. Perhaps you might need to move suddenly, or the offer on that dream house was declined. There is nothing to worry about. When the time is right, things will fall into place.


Pisces Rising or Pisces
Pisces, August will be a very productive month for you professionally. You will get a lot done, gaining respect and admiration from your seniors. Also, don’t hesitate to organise a night out with your work mates! You might further bond with your colleagues, making life long friendships. August will be a beautiful month for your romantic life, too - your significant other might want to deepen your bond and commit further. You certainly will feel loved and seen. If you are still single, pay attention to people coming into your life now. They might settle in for a long haul.

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