Your February 2022 monthly horoscope
We've reached out to astrologer and spiritualist, Michelle - @michelle_fromthemoon - for some much needed guidance for February. Michelle takes advice from the moon, using the moon's cycles and astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery. Continue reading below to hear everything you need to know for the month ahead!
Hello Freeing February
February is a clearing month.  There will be a flood of new insights / downloads that help us release whatever took place in capricorn season. Over the weekend Venus has officially stationed direct, this will boost our confidence and careers & love will feel way more free flowing as we organized through some emotional chaos and will be out of her post shadow period right around February 10th. 
This retrograde thought us of letting go of our pride & ego and surrender deeper into love more fully & freely.

3 of Swords | Page of Coins 
The sun is moving through your 10th house of career, long term goals, structure, reputation, public image, masculinity and men. An opportunity to revisit a creative endeavor or project you thought long gone will revisit you this month. Do you want it to see the light of day? Is it worth your time and effort? The stars think so. Someone else holds all of the control this one. If you can compromise, an unexpected windfall of opportunity is in your future.

2 of Swords | 10 of Pentacles
The sun is moving through your 11th house of social awareness, hopes and wishes, technology, friends, humanitarianism,freedom and the future. The upcoming retrograde may have you feeling that your home is not to your liking in some way. For less impulsive Sag risings, you may realize that your desire for change in your home comes from a need to declutter your inner psyche as rumination pushes you towards growth.


Queen of Swords | King of Pentacles
Capricorn, the sun is moving through your 12th house of endings, closure, karma, dreams, limiting beliefs and the subconscious. Profound transformations have been commonplace in your life over the past couple years, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide those changes from the world. The retrograde this month brings past work into the spotlight and asks you to take ownership and show the world what you’ve been working towards.

The Emperor | The World
Aquarius, the sun moves through your 1st house of self. Your relationships take center stage this month as you question whether your current or potential partnership is worth the cost of your freedom. If you are not in a relationship, you may suddenly feel the lack of love in your life and find yourself pining after past loves. Ask yourself what it is that you’re missing in a relationship and set your intention. The Universe is trying to deliver!

Ten of Swords | Ace of Swords
Pisces, the sun moves through your second house of safety, foundations and home.


That project you have been working on -- is it fulfilling your hopes and dreams? Are you feeling appreciated by those who are supposedly on your side? This is the time where those that truly see you will let you know and compensate accordingly. For those that do not, the retrograde will steer you in a new direction -- a place where your quiet brilliance and generosity is not taken for granted.


High Priestess | Strength
Aries, the sun is moving through your 3rd house of communication and social affairs. This month has a lot of romance and pleasure planned for you. An unfinished karmic situation will come back into your life and possibly send you on an inward journey of self-reflection. You will start a brand new cycle of communication this month.  Accept or find closure with this situation so you are able to enjoy the pleasures of your success guilt free.

Four of Cups | Temperance
Taurus, the sun is moving through your 4th house of home, divine mother and roots.

This month feels especially emotional and you my find yourself wanting to stay close to home and reconnect to friends and family over text or through social media. You may find yourself rethinking some of the goals you have put into place and whether they reflect your internal values.


9 of Wands | 8 of Cups
The sun is moving through your 5th house of romance, love, play, self-expressions and creativity. The last few months have been tough, but this month will feel like a 180 turn towards the right direction. Past projects will gain notoriety and your brilliance will stand out. A new opportunity from a past project may make you rethink your current path or shift your current one. Wait until the retrograde to make any final decisions and be careful that the costs don’t outweigh the benefits.

9 of Cups | 10 of Cups
The sun is moving through your 6th house of health, fitness, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness and service given. Your life feels like it has been coming together, but you may be wondering if you made the right choice. This is the month where your work and effort begins to pay off. Lucrative travel opportunities open up as others notice your worth as well. New relationships are forming and others transforming -- but who is getting left behind?

7 of Wands RX | The High Priestess RX
The sun is moving through your 7th house of relationships, marriage, business partners, contracts, interpersonal style. This is the month where a past ending or transformation has the power to affect your day-to-day life in a profound way. This could be a resurrection of a situation you thought long dead, secrets long buried, or the results of personal transformation come to light. This is the month to let go of whatever is holding you back, lighten up, fully embrace the change, and reclaim your joy.

The Tower | The Sun 
The sun moves through your 8th house of merging, sex, intimacy, inheritance, taxes, goals and mystery. Unfinished karmic partnerships from the past come back this month which could result in a fling or a new start. You may feel the need to set new ground rules around this restart but the advice from the universe is to relax and have fun with it! The purpose of the creative or romantic connection will become clearer by the beginning of March when you will have a better idea how to move forward.


10 of Pentacles

The sun is moving through your 9th house of expansion, travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education and learnings and ethics. The daily grind (or lack thereof) has you questioning your dreams for the future in a big way this month. You find yourself more interested in connecting with others over the mysteries of life more than usual. Your desire for deeper connections in others is a reflection of your desire for a deeper understanding of yourself.


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