Your January 2022 Monthly Horoscope
We've reached out to astrologer and spiritualist, Michelle - @michelle_fromthemoon - for some much needed guidance for January.
Michelle takes advice from the moon, using the moon's cycles and astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery. Continue reading below to hear everything you need to know for the month ahead!

Hello jovial January

What a messy year and what a year the last week of 2021 has been. Uranus squared Jupiter and with that created quite the unexpected whirlwind of restrictions and changes. When a planet triggers us by a difficult aspect, like the Uranus ~ Saturn square, we feel all these difficult feelings. 

And with the sun in Capricorn it rises up as:

 We have to make a decision about our life to close out these s old cycles but because we can’t make a decision we feel stuck in doing the things we want to do and when we don’t act we become confused and sensitive.

What January is ushering in: Emotionally deep and charged conversations, clarity and inner peace.

Jupiter is shining a light on the subconscious and many buried feelings and karmic pains will come up to the surface to be scooped gently and blown away by Great Spirit. It can get emotional at times but it will feel releasing, like a burden lifting off from your soul and spirit. It is in this energy that the invisible ties and energetic glues that bind you to people in cords due to unprocessed emotions, grudges, resentments, shame, dislike, and judgements can now easily be released. If you allow it too. For the karma has to be cleaned up, in one way or another.

3 of Swords | Page of Coins 
As 2022 begins, you may be a craving long, stimulating conversation. After all, for you January is all about meaning what you say and saying what you mean. On January 2, a new moon will send electricity to your third house of communication, helping you intellectually connect with other on a deeper level.
However, as Venus continues retrograding through your social third house until January 29, it may be hard to establish harmony and trust when communicating. This retrograde is encouraging you to practice validating when communicating.The most important thing to understand about communication is that we just all want to be heard!
It will be even more important to make sure your emotional needs are met come January 14.
Focus too much on the details and you might miss the bigger picture.

2 of Swords | 10 of Pentacles
You’ve spent the past six months reconnecting with your creative center, Sagittarius. Now, it’s time to decide how you’re going to bring you creative ideas to life. On January 24, ambitious Mars will activate your productive sixth house, igniting your ability to use your energy and time wisely. Create a plan to bring your visions to life once step at a time.
You’ll appreciate the serene yet stimulating energetic shift that comes on January 2nd, when brainiac Mercury will activate your third house of communication, encouraging you to socialize with fascinating people and tap into your ability to multitask and solve complicated puzzles. Venus allows you to relax this month, you’re feeling calm and sure about your relationships. 
When the sun enters Aquarius on January 20, you will be flooded with fresh and exciting energy. Aquarius season will activate your third house of information, encouraging you to study, adapt to shifting situations and learn some clever tricks you can keep up your sleeve! 
Prepare for your mind to be blown by the month’s end.


Queen of Swords | King of Pentacles
January is the month you’ve been waiting for, Capricorn. After a long and hard year, you’re about to have some fun and you’ve definitely earned it! However, you’re still a Capricorn, which means you still want to remain focused on your goals. On January 2nd, brainy Mercury will enter your practical second house of finances, which will give you a pragmatic perspective as you rethink your relationship with money. When affectionate Venus sends magic to your first house of the self on January 5, you’ll soak up self-love and enjoy all the extra attention everyone is giving you.
You’re really thinking hard about the person you’re becoming this month, especially by January 2nd, when the new moon in your sign will enchant your first house of the self, inspiring you to work on self-improvement and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.
After Aquarius season begins and sends power to your second house of self-worth on January 20, you can expect random burst of creative insight to feed your ego and your confidence.


The Emperor | The World
On January 2, a new moon will rise in your spiritual 12th house, bringing your inner self to the surface and helping you release your emotions!However, with Venus retrograding through your  12th house until January 29, you may have a difficult time understanding how you truly feel about your relationships. Hidden truths may arise and secrets may reveal themselves. By January 14, you may begin an even more pressing form of soul-searching. Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, bringing up your sense of self and encouraging you to mull over your past. But that’s not who you are anymore—it’s only a part of your story!
You’ll have a powerful opportunity to check in with yourself on January 18. A full moon will rise in your sixth house of health. The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives on January 19: Aquarius season begins, solidifying your perception of who you are and your strengths. And when you learn to accept your flaws as well as your talents, you’re one step closer to self-actualization!

Ten of Swords | Ace of Swords
Expect to feel especially passionate about your thoughts and opinions this month, Pisces! 
Through out the month Neptune, your ruling planet, meets up with the Sun and Venus in a sextile, which will deepen your intuition and imagination.
In fact, your mind and imagination will take you all over the place this month. On January 14, intelligent Mercury will activate your 12th house of the subconscious, encouraging you to focus in on your intuition and your inner world. Your dreams may be especially revealing.
Self-improvement is guiding you through the end of the month. On January 20, the full moon in cancer will radiate truth throughout your sixth house of work and health, revealing how you can become more productive at the same time as you take better care of your physical well-being.
Your intuition may reveal some startling truths, so give yourself time to process them wholly.


High Priestess | Strength
This month all the planets shifts play in your favor & if not you make it work.
You’ll feel an energetic shift arrive by January 2nd when communicative Mercury will enter your extraverted 11th house, inspiring you to connect with your wider social circle and think big about what you can all accomplish together you also gain a new mindset in regards to your fears & finally overcome them.
Romantic Venus will also slide into your 10th house of reputation, casting your career in a shiny glow. People will start noticing all your hard work and pay special attention to what you bring to the table.
This month is the month you fines your fears & step into the new. 

Four of Cups | Temperance
This month, it’s as if you’re waking up from a long, strange dream! Things really get going on January 24 when passionate Mars enters Capricorn  and injects you with energy, courage and dedication to make changes in your life. What you’re craving from your love life is a bit of adventure; something outside your relationship’s norm and this Venus retrograde might bring this out.
After the sun enters Aquarius and activates your professional midheaven on January 20 life could take many abrupt turns. You may find yourself accepting spontaneous job opportunities or embarking down a very unique career path.
Nurture your sacred space and tend to your home’s garden!

9 of Wands | 8 of Cups
You are dealing with some hard stuff, but what is life, Gemini! On January 2, a new moon will established alter in movement by activating your eighth home of transformation. Permit go of what’s not your accountability any more!
On the other hand, permitting go is not as uncomplicated as it’s manufactured out to be. As Venus continues retrograding through your intimate eighth home till January 29, it is shining a gentle on the concentrations of openness and belief your relationships have. This is an possibility to boost your boundaries, but also to study where you are all set to enable someone in!
You could possibly sense a dizzying shift by January 14, when Mercury—your ruling planet—stations retrograde in your philosophical ninth house.
While you’ll invest the month contemplating about how you connect with others, the Full Moon on January 17/ 18 will assist you link with yourself. Sending magic to your second dwelling of steadiness, this comprehensive moon needs you to recall that what’s yours are unable to be taken from you.


9 of Cups | 10 of Cups
On January 2, a new moon will bring inspiration to your seventh house of partnerships, helping you heal your relationship dynamics.
With that being said, relationships take work. The month begins with Venus retrograding through your relationship sector, and the planet of love will continue to do so until January 29. This will reveal what isn’t working for you and show you whether your partners are giving you what you need. It will also be an opportunity for you to grow as a partner!
Once Mercury stations retrograde in your passionate eighth house on January 14th, you may find it more difficult to relate to your partner on a deeper, more emotional level. If the intimacy is lacking, it’s an opportunity for you and your partner to get to know each other again. Come January 18, it will be time to focus on yourself. A Full Moon in Cancer will bless the night sky, shining a light on your own hopes and dreams and bringing you comfort and validation. Don’t forget—you’re always your first love, so never abandon that feeling!

7 of Wands RX | The High Priestess RX
You’re getting back to the basics this month, Leo! On January 2, a new moon will rejuvenate your sixth house of health and regimen, prompting you to make taking care of yourself a much bigger priority.  Don’t expect instant results, because there are still many things to heal before you start seeing improvement. On January 14,Mercury goes retrograde through your partnership sector, which could cause unresolved issues to resurface in your one-on-one relationships. You might even find yourself reconnecting with an ex, giving you the chance to find closure and move forward. When Mercury re-enters your practical sixth house on January 26, it will help you pick up the pieces and replenish your mind and body. One step at a time!
Once Mars enters your productive sixth house on January 24, it will be a motivating force that helps you tackle to-do lists and make the most out of the 24 hours you’re allotted each day.


The Tower | The Sun 
2022 has just begun, Virgo, and you’re in the mood to have fun! a new moon on January 2 will light a flame in your fifth house of creativity, encouraging you to reconnect with your artistic side.
When Mercury—your ruling planet—stations retrograde in your sixth house of work and health, it’s bringing your focus to the issues you’ve been forgetting to prioritize.
When Mercury retrogrades back into your passionate fifth house on January 26, it will encourage you to reconnect with what brings you joy and pleasure. A message from an old flame may even light up your phone, tempting you to respond. By January 24, you might even feel like you’re getting your mojo back! Mars will enter your playful fifth house, making your quest for happiness even more urgent. This shift will also heighten your desires and increase your need for sexiness. Ooh la la, Virgo!


10 of Pentacles

After a long day, nothing feels better than going home and getting into your sweatpants, Libra. January is all about strengthening the level of comfort you feel in your sacred space! On January 2, a new moon in your cozy fourth house will give you a better understanding of the type of TLC your heart needs.

Venus—your ruling planet—will continue retrograding through your domestic sector until January 29, placing a focus on the level of harmony and belonging you experience around Home.

As Mercury stations retrograde in your passionate fifth house on January 14, it may be time to experiment with your love life and embrace romance a little differently. This could also cause you to rethink what inspires you on a grand scale!

The energy will become more vibrant once Aquarius season begins on January 20. The sun will enter your creative and expressive fifth house, putting you in a better position to tap into your artistic senses and embrace the simple things that bring you pleasure.


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