Your July 2021 Monthly Horoscope
Once again, we’ve once sat down virtually with Agne Aurelia, London based astrologer and founder of Sirius Rising - @siriusrising_astrology. Agne uses astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery and healing and is here to shed some light on what the month of June has in store.

Agne is here to remind us that whilst our patience may be wearing thin, we can decide to work with our limitations rather than against them and turn this month into a lovely one! With tight oppositions between the planets, emotional restrictions might feel heavier than usual but we can power through it by spending prioritising time with close and extended family, loved ones and pets.

Remember - The July horoscope is a general guideline to navigate the month for each Archetype. We are our charts, not just our Sun/Rising Sign. Read your monthly horoscopes below to see what the next 30 days may have in store for you…

Aries Rising or Aries
Aries, this month you'll be craving for self-expression and fun, and you might be met with restrictions from peers and overall society at large. Learn to exercise free will with patience and on the 13th you will be rewarded in the area of creative expression and romantic endeavours.

Mid-month will bring a conflict between your career and home-life. If work is interfering with private matters, bosses demand too much of you, then be brave and transform your role or look for alternatives which are less draining. Lilith in Gemini can temp false promises, or spin information for your own gain, so speak the truth and keep communication transparent. Overall, spend more time at home, slow down and enjoy the blissful moment! The end of the month will fill your social calendar with the long awaited kaleidoscope of parties and fun times!


Taurus Rising or Taurus
Taurus, this month you will crave more quality time with family, updates to your living space or perhaps even move to a new home. Unfortunately, authorities, career or outer world restrictions, might temper with your desires. Patience will be rewarded and from the 13th you will enjoy happy moments at home with those dearest to you. 

At work, you’ll want to see fast results, but the stars are asking to restructure your goals and truly master your craft. Avoid insincerity talking about all things assets and money. Stick to your truth and push back anyone trying to manipulate your communication or thought process. Second half of the month will fill your days with pleasant social and romantic dates. Be careful, not to go overboard, fun is always great, but in moderation!

Gemini Rising or Gemini
Gemini, Lilith moving into your sign will bring out the ‘Devil May Care’ attitude in you. Fuelled with desire for complete independence, as well as temptation to cook up a drama or two, you will challenge the status quo. Be careful, words have immense power and can create magic, but they can also wound deeply.
Sensation of being intellectually restrained, expected to support the views of many, might weigh heavy on you. Speak your truth, with intention not to harm, but connect to your authentic sense of being and you will be heard.

Professional realms might be a tad bit confusing. Is your career in-line with your true purpose, or is it an escape, a distraction? You don’t have to decide now. Instead, put your head down and work for your financial stability.


Cancer Rising or Cancer
Cancer, with the Sun shining bright in your 1st house, there is nothing to fear! Opposition with Pluto might bring a fresh breakup or a closure to an old relationship. Either way, you will feel freer and more empowered than ever.

July will illuminate a new strategy to earn money. Working with your talents and showing off your strengths might be more financially beneficial than hiding in the safety of a group. It’s important to be realistic with your spending. You might want to indulge, but Saturn is asking to calculate your financial capacity. 

End of the month might bring a surplus of new connections locally and from abroad. Don’t snooze, new contacts can bring prosperous deals and unions! 

Leo Rising or Leo
Leo, the start of July might test your patience with work and relationships. At best, partners can appear rigid and controlling and at worst unloving and stealing your thunder.

Work might make you feel stuck in a limbo. Any failures or delays might evoke your worst insecurities and fears. Remember who you are - the glorious Lion!

During the second half of the month will turn the lame light back onto you, 13th is your power day! Your magnetism, leadership and passion - undeniable, even those who oppose you will stop to marvel! Here’s your green light to start new projects. Tensions between partners will either dissolve or new people will come into your life to support your vision! The end of the month can bring unexpected expenses. Check your finances, you want to be prepared for the rainy day. 


Virgo Rising or Virgo
Virgo, you might be asked to choose between a romantic partner and your friendship group. Be careful not to be easily manipulated. Jupiter and Neptune retrograding in your 7th house, might attract codependent partners or magnify illusions surrounding relationships.

 As for professional life, buckle up! Work will be very demanding. No matter how much you’ll do, you might feel like you are getting nowhere. Prioritise mental health and battle any anxious thoughts. Time for some me-time! With energy levels dropping, go with the flow. Trip to the countryside, yoga, meditation can do wonders! Enjoy the break and bring along your closest friends. They will be your die-hard cheerleaders! End of the month will be more dynamic. Your fighting spirit will come back with productivity levels soaring up!

Libra Rising or Libra
Libra, time to think about career and achievement! Take on that project, go for the role you have always dreamt off, stand tall and proud in your leadership. Make sure your vocation truly nurtures your spirit, work should feel like home.

As for domestic matters, if you are planning on moving house, perhaps this is not the best time. In fact, family reunions, or real estate deals might dampen your spirit. Don’t let it influence your career choices and overall energies at work. All you will want is to collaborate, connect with friends and build on your dreams, while a partner might demand your presence, or ask for deeper commitment. Avoid extremes when communicating, talk things out in an adult way. The second half of the month will bring harmony both in public and private areas of your life.


Scorpio Rising or Scorpio
Scorpio, despite all the tight planetary oppositions, July is one of the best months for you. After all, we all know you relish in intensity. Avoid being too obsessive and controlling in your thinking and communication style. If you allow yourself to see the other side of the story, July might be incredibly enlightening.

Home life can ask a lot from you. Expect to feel torn between domestic and professional responsibilities. Remember, stay patient, show up, work with your limitations and balance the two. 

If you’ll play alongside Saturn’s rules, the second half of the month will prove to be deliciously, magnanimously successful for your career and image! End of the month will inject your life with fun romance and frequent social gatherings! Enjoy.


Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius
Dear Sag, Lilith in Gemini will make you run from commitment as far as you can. That doesn’t mean July will be lonely. On contrary, Sun in the 8th house of sex might bring passionate, yet short lived affairs.

Also, time to review your finances. What do you need to give up to gain more income? Relying on authorities and ‘safe’ jobs might not be the best choice right now. Working smarter, not harder is the answer. Transform any self-limiting beliefs around earning money. Regardless, the beginning of the month can be frustrating. All you will want to do is buy a ticket and get away as far as possible. Patience, foreign travel, relocation, studies, and projects abroad will be much more realistic after the 13th.


Capricorn Rising or Capricorn
Capricorn, July might bring seemingly difficult, but priceless lessons. Expect painful realisations surrounding relationships, finances and intimacy. Pluto Sun opposition teaches detachment and surrender. You can't always be in control. Don’t expect a passionate lover if you are not opening up. Transform yourself and soften up, allow to be nurtured. Love and accept love. You can learn a lot from your partners both romantic and professional, open your heart to listen.

 As for finances, don’t spend money you don’t have, but pay fairly. If you are an employer, review pay rise requests. End of the month will be much more cheerful and dynamic! Expect your network to inflate as new opportunities might open abroad!


Aquarius Rising or Aquarius
Aquarius, with the heavy Saturn in your 1st house and opposing Mars and Venus, it can be difficult to open up to people. Others might either ask for too much or will be frustrated with your stoic pensiveness. Remedy: don’t dwell! Whenever feeling like shutting down, open up further. Allow others to be your teachers.

Immerse yourself in work and routine, don’t let your insecurities taunt you. July is a great time to look after your body and health, improve your diet and review your exercise regime. Spend some time with your pets (if you don’t have any volunteers to take a neighbour's dog for a walk)! 

The second half of the month will bring harmony into your relationships! Romantic flings can transform into something lasting. If you are in a committed partnership, a renewed feeling of adoration and love will illuminate your union. 


Pisces Rising or Pisces
Pisces, with Jupiter and Neptune in your first house and in retrograde, July can be confusing. You might be unsure of how you want your life to pan out. Things which interested you in the past might appear meaningless now. 

Face your insecurities, they might be interfering with your everyday life, relationships with colleagues and work. Don’t shut down out of fear, instead do some shadow work. Take a holiday and immerse in spiritual practices. Be in the moment and soak the beauty of life! Time to stop letting other people control your dreams, creative expression or what partners you choose. Embrace your talents, without thinking how others will perceive you. Create joy for yourself doing things you love, everyday, not just sometimes.
June 30, 2021 — Polly Pritchett