Your June 2021 Monthly Horoscope
Another month has passed and just as we’re settling back into something similar to “normal” life here in London, the stars are here to shake things up! As always, we’ve once sat down virtually with Agne Aurelia, London based astrologer and founder of Sirius Rising - @siriusrising_astrology. Agne uses astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery and healing and is here to shed some light on what the month of June has in store.

Agne is here with difficult news. With a Solar Eclipse and 5 retrogrades, it’s looking like this month is going to be an uncomfortable one for a lot of us as the most energetically charged month of the year. With so many retrogrades the tensions are rising from within, so buckle up and get ready to step out of your comfort zone!

Remember - The June horoscope is a general guideline to navigate the month for each Archetype. We are our charts, not just our Sun/Rising Sign. Read your monthly horoscopes below to see what the next 30 days may have in store for you…

Aries Rising or Aries
June will bring radical change into your network. For the first half of the month, spend time reflecting on how effective your communication is, work with throat chakra and improve the way you share ideas and exchange information. 

On the 10th, the Solar Eclipse may wipe out your contacts literally and figuratively. So be sure to back up any important information. The square between Saturn and Uranus might expose those who are blocking your growth, cutting you short with credit or pay. Avoid hyper-tolerance, instead stay true to your values. You might decide to cut ties with old contacts, or perhaps it is you, who will be cut off. Do not threaten, new comrades are on their way into your life in time. You might be forced to come up with alternative ways to expand your earnings, don’t be scared to employ creativity. This month, it is better to work solo, if the situation calls for it, be brave enough to go freelance.


Taurus Rising or Taurus
The Solar Eclipse on the 10th of June will illuminate new ways of earning money. Do not be surprised if your current source of income will dry out, or begin to restrict your lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile, Uranus square Saturn will expose any blockages in your career. If your seniors are trying to put you in a box, it’s time to go solo. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

 Alternatively, you might feel confused about your goals and dreams, or perhaps people you collaborate with promise more than they can deliver? Communicate your values and expectations with transparency. Focus on learning new practical skills which might aid with your finances, actively look for new contacts. Unexpected opportunities might pop up by the end of the month.

Gemini Rising or Gemini
Happy Solar Eclipse Birthday! What an occasion! Time to completely reinvent yourself! Throw caution to the wind and let life open a new path for you. Powerful insights might present itself through meditation or dreams. 

You might get a sudden urge to take a new direction in life. Don’t be surprised if cultural expectations oppose your awakening, instead trust the flow of life. Don’t try to fit in, show the world the real you. Perhaps, your current vocation is starting to seem confusing and somehow disappointing. It’s time to focus on yourself, your authentic goals and your image. There is nothing to lose, step into your future. Second half of the month might prove to be financially rewarding. Enjoy!


Cancer Rising or Cancer
Venus and later Sun in your 1st house will make you very likeable. It might be easier than usual to start projects, promote yourself and get noticed! But for this to happen, it’s important to believe in yourself. The Solar Eclipse in your 12th house and Saturn/ Uranus Square in the 8th will ask you to face your insecurities and shed any self-limiting beliefs. 

Uranus in your 11th house might bring opportunities of a lifetime, but only if you are ready to transform your unconscious patterns. You might feel more sensitive to energies around you. Solitude might be calming and grounding. Meditation will boost confidence and long hikes or time spent in nature will help gather your thoughts. The second half of the month is great to treat yourself and indulge in some spending. Time to update your summer wardrobe or book a fun holiday!

Leo Rising or Leo
June will prove to be both exciting and intense. With the eclipse in your 11th house of hopes, dreams and wishes might bring fantastic, once of a life-time opportunities. Stay connected to your tribe and collaborate. The right people might pop up out of nowhere and change the course of your journey for the better! 

Saturn square Uranus might bring conflict in your career as partnerships might feel restrictive. Seniors might be asking for too much, but you won’t be shy communicating your feelings. You might even consider dropping your current job and going after opportunities which allow you to self-express. Be careful not to burn any bridges in the heat of the moment. Don’t rush to make any harsh decisions. Instead, reflect on your relationships with others, answers will come at the right time.


Virgo Rising or Virgo
The Solar Eclipse will offer you a chance to completely reset your career! Be open to new opportunities as your current role might start to feel restrictive. The sensation of being overlooked or underpaid might be more persistent than usual. Perhaps, you feel like there is no joy in what you do. If so, take the brave step and seek new opportunities, be curious, open your mind, learn new things and take on challenges! Anything is possible! You might even consider moving abroad for a new career.

Your love life might be more confusing than ever. You might want to escape the mundane through romance, but perhaps you are choosing unavailable partners? The end of the month will illuminate what steps need to be taken to nourish a long lasting bond.


Libra Rising or Libra
June might bring unexpected opportunities in foreign lands or studies. Start the month researching and spend the second half of the month submitting applications for visas, university programmes or other new opportunities. Venus in your 10th house of career and achievement will boost your chances in interviews, so step into the spotlight. If you are planning on launching a project, important presentation or want to gain sponsors, do it now. 

You will be extremely charming, winning admiration with grace and ease. Your love life might go through a few hiccups. You will be seeking thrill and deep intimacy, while your partner might seem to be cold and withdrawn. Remember, the way others love you is not a reflection of your worth. Choose yourself, always.


Scorpio Rising or Scorpio
Take it easy this June, Scorpio. Try to spend as much time in nature as possible. Swimming, meditating at the beach or sunbathing might help you go through this turbulent time. Your family and home life might demand a lot of energy and presence. Your partner might be busy doing their own thing, leaving you to deal with domestic responsibilities all by yourself. Before lashing out, count till ten.

The Solar Eclipse in your 8th house will expose your shadow. Work with your insecurities and you will rise like a phoenix. Avoid being too controlling, stay curious and let life flow. Romantic life might feel a bit confusing as your feelings might be changing, and that’s okay. Make sure to schedule enough downtime. Travel further from home if you can, or indulge in a course you have always wanted to take. This month is all about self-care.


Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius
Dear Sag, the Lunar Eclipse might just bring a partner of your dreams! Now, we all know that eclipses often are uncomfortable and even jarring, so a fear of commitment might arise. The temptation of doing things the old way might be greater than ever. Instead keep an open mind, be curious, learn about the other person. The grass is not always greener on the other side. If you choose to show your vulnerable side, amazing things can happen.

At work, keep communication light, yet clear and informative. Miscommunication can lead to sudden stressful changes, or an overall physical burnout. So, go with the flow and most importantly, don’t repress your feelings. Instead be sure to connect and communicate. If you are planning on buying a house or moving, things might seem confusing or too good to be true. To avoid disappointments stay grounded, realistic and seek advice from a trusted friend.


Capricorn Rising or Capricorn
Capricorn, June is calling you to find new ways to go about your day. Work might be frustrating as a lack of communication and a trail of unfinished tasks can increase stress levels. Make sure you schedule in some down time to avoid mental burnout. The Solar Eclipse will ask you to prioritise what is important, you cannot be on all the time or do everything by yourself. Invest in your health. Exercise, update your diet with some yummy greens and vitamins. 

Your love life might swing from sizzling hot to freezing cold. You might fall quickly and passionately in love only to completely lose interest a week later, or perhaps you will be loved bombed one day, and ghosted the next. Instead of looking outwards, look inwards. Saturn Retrograde in your 2nd house is asking to crystallise your values and nurture self-love. Only when we fully show up for ourselves, then we can build a passionate and healthy connection to others.

Aquarius Rising or Aquarius
June might bring an ego clash with your partners. You might not quite feel yourself, as you’re forced to conform instead of being the quirky visionary. Try to resolve conflicts with that tolerant detachment of yours. Remember, some of these insecurities might only be a shadow of self-doubt, nothing more. You might suddenly decide to move house. Be careful not to overestimate your finances, don’t sign up for anything you cannot afford. Work will be your sanctuary, your colleagues - your biggest fans. 

It’s time to get active! Exercise might prove to be the best way to unwind and recharge your batteries! Also, the New Moon Eclipse in your 5th house might bring unexpected creative projects or a love interest. This could be long term and super promising, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


Pisces Rising or Pisces
If you have been planning on buying a property, moving house or settling down with someone special, the Solar Eclipse in your 4th house will open a new chapter in your domestic life! You might finally get the keys, find your dream home or perhaps your partner will say ‘yes’ to moving in together! 

Work might be very busy, you will need to show what you are made of. Expect productivity levels to rise. Uranus and Saturn Square will make clear how anxieties are disrupting your communication. This will be a great time to work with your shadow and dispel fears. Jupiter and Neptune retrograding in your 1st house might make you feel misunderstood or confused about your goals. Don’t overthink too much, let go and be in the moment. On a positive note, your love life will be, well… lovely! Try organising some trips to the countryside with your sweetheart. And if you are single, you might just meet that special someone!

May 28, 2021 — Polly Pritchett