Your March 2022 Monthly Horoscope
We've reached out to astrologer and spiritualist, Michelle - @michelle_fromthemoon - for some much needed guidance for March. Michelle takes advice from the moon, using the moon's cycles and astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery. Continue reading below to hear everything you need to know for the month ahead!
Farewell freeing February & welcome to March and eventually SPRING
~ back with the one we love 
It’s March and with that we approach the end of the astrological year and the end of divine feminine season. Winter gives away to spring and we start a fresh new year with stepping into aries szn & divine masculine szn on spring equinox. This Pisces and Aries season is all about HEALING and making peace with the past so that we can move forward. Though the two zodiac seasons are split in the month of March, the final lunar cycle in Pisces will weave our internal journeys of healing through the month, reviewing our spiritual paths, examining our emotional bodies, shedding beliefs and mindsets that no longer work and making peace with the people of our past along with mending emotional wounds we basically feel new. 

The Chariot | King Of Swords
The sun is moving through your 5th house of romance, love, play, self-expressions and creativity. This Pisces season not only will the sun shine a light on all the feelings you’ve tried to make sense of during Aquarius season, because mercury activated some of your obsessions or new found desires so it was all about you diving deep into your feels. The sun says anything done in the dark comes to light and now's the time. You could almost say that anything you “obsess”/ manifest about now will have massive potential to come to fruition for the next full moon in Scorpio which will be in about 2 months time.

7 of Pentacles | The Sun

The sun is moving through your 4th house of home, divine mother and roots. This Pisces szn your are shooting that arrow in all directions that are nurturing and supporting your divine feminine.

You are finding yourself growing roots and being more stable within your feminine energy this month. You have always had a strong connection to Pisces sharing the same mutable trait. Pisces gives you a feeling of calmness when dealing with your emotions and this month you are seeing yourself become the man or woman you were manifesting to become the last year. As Pisces szn gives over to spring mid of March you are gaining a new found fire within you that gives you confidence and with that you stop seeking so much confirmation. Feeling independent and sexy, you are ready to share what you have been planning on over the winter. 


3 of Wands Reversed | The Devil in Reverse

The sun is moving through your 3rd house of communication and social affairs. This Pisces season comes with a lot of epiphanies, insights and clear messages for you capricorn. It’s a season to reform you. As the sun moves through your 3rd house, Venus and Mars are still in your sign helping you very much so to find a new approach when it comes to communicating and setting plans in action especially in regards to your finances and romance ~ Capricorn you are someone with a lot of ideas and some people don’t know this but you deal with a lot of darkness besides your achievements. Drop some of your dark thoughts and end the waiting ~ you’ve been making tangible plans and it’s your time to action and share them. Now.  


Knight of Swords | 9 of Cups

The sun is moving through your 2nd house of safety, foundations and home. 

We have just left your season and for some of you this Pisces season will be a loving new beginning where you finally leave and old life and the identity attached to it behind for good and start loving your new life or you are still letting the old go as Pisces SZN is the last step in the astrological year this March will be all about you finding your safety after you’ve broken free from the chains of your past. Mercury the planet of communication is still in your sign until March 10th, this planet supports you with genius groundbreaking new ideas and thoughts for your future and also gives you a new authentic voice that allows you to speak up for yourself and show up for others. You have the opportunity to align your heart with your words this Pisces szn Aquarius. 


Ten of Swords | Ace of Swords

Happy solar return Pisces ! The sun moves through your 1st house of self when in your sign. This month is all about you. Celebrating yourself for everything you have accomplished and for how far your cute little feet { Pisces rules over our feet ~ give them extra love this month with massages, foot baths and pedicures } have taken you. This month the sun shines a light on your creativity, your intuition is as sharp as ever and with your emotional sensitivity and grounded demeanor in your own emotions you become an inspiration to your surroundings. 

As the spotlight is on you and Venus moves in Aquarius during your season a lot of your colleges, friends or family could turn to you for your highly insightful thoughts. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansions and neptune, the planet of dreams are supporting you and helping you this month, so don’t be shocked when your dreams find you and come knocking at your door. Take up space and claim all your blessings, Pisces.


High Priestess | Strength

The sun moves through your 12th house of of endings, healing, closure, karma, dreams spiritually, what’s hidden, limiting beliefs and the subconscious. This is the original house Pisces rules as this is the last month and we are right before your season - this is like an ego death to my aries placements. the sun being in Pisces leaves you feeling melancholy but ready to work through your final blockages to prepare yourself for your solar return. 

I’m seeing new hairstyles and makeovers for you, Aries. As when you are dealing with endings this usually leaves you wanting to change and the easiest way for you is a mindset change. Pisces season you are giving yourself just that, an update on your mindset ~ closing out limiting beliefs and uploading positive and self empowering thoughts. 

{Getting into drawing could be highly beneficial for you at this time. }


The Empress | 7 of Wands

The sun is moving through your 11th house of social awareness, hopes and wishes, technology, friends, humanitarianism, freedom and the future.  This season will come will a lot of opportunities and also tests for you. You are stepping up and gaining more confidence. As the sun moves through your 11th house you see where you have been restricting yourself with limiting beliefs and finally start to become your own cheerleader stepping into your authority. As you do this people start noticing and being attracted by your activated powers. Your ruling planet Venus leaves capricorn and moves into Aquarius challenging you to become more open and less stubborn in your love life and allow maybe a special someone to see you more clearly. Go on let that guard down. 


Death | 2 of Wands

The sun is moving through your 10th house of career, long term goals, structure, reputation, public image & masculinity. You are building a new identity and this Pisces season will be feeling like spring to you, as we come out of the fixed air energy of Aquarius and enter your mutuale water sign brother Pisces, you finally find peace and comfort in dealing with your feelings. As you reach this point of calmness about what is going on in your emotional world you step into your authority. This month is really all about you being accountable for everything that has happened the last astrological year. As we end the year with Pisces season, this can highlight some endings for you. These endings are necessary for you to step into your freedom and dreams and you are learning in order to get what you want you have to be willing to give. And don’t forget, Gemini, it’s never selfish to choose yourself ! 

I’m seeing you maturing and it’s looking real sexy on you. 

The Chariot | Queen of Pentacles

 The sun is moving through your 9th house of expansion, travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education, learnings and ethics. As bathing in the waters of your Pisces lover is always a blessed time for you cancer. You love when the sun is in Pisces as it brings you a feeling of closeness. This month you will be finding yourself wanting to learn something new, reading more and educating yourself. You will want and appreciate connections and conversations that either support your learnings or teach you something. As you come a little more out of your shell this season you will find the collective showing you how much they value you. Give back and bath in oneness when your temper rises and you want to snap or you back into your shell ~ intimacy is the first base on all friendships.


8 of Pentacles | Ace of Pentacles

The sun is moving through your 8th house of merging sex, intimacy, inheritance, taxes, goals and mystery. As we start this season you might be still charged up by the sexy but chaotic full moon we just had in the 16th in your sign. This month you will learn beautiful lessons about intimacy and sex and how you have been separating the both and wanting to merge ~ reunite those aspects. As the sun is your ruling planet you are highly connected to the transits of the sun. I see you maturing and becoming more aware of your sexual energy and start to gain and apply new values to your life when it comes to your sex life. 

Tame that lion as you have been self sabotaging your king down with selfish, selfless and reckless behavior when it comes to handling your romantic connections or how romantic partners have been treating you. No more you roared with this full moon and Pisces szn as you lay on your throne.


10 of Wands | The Star 

The sun moves through your 7th house of relationships, marriage, business partners, contracts & interpersonal style. Pisces is a mutable sign, same as you Virgo, so this month you will experience highlights. Your relationship with the Pisces sun is asking you to be mutable and flexible when it comes to dealing with your partnerships this month. Sometimes you aim for perfection and already have a certain outcome in mind which leads to disappointment but also doesn’t allow both of you to see the other person clearly. This month you drop this a little bit as you dive more into your emotional side and you find yourself interacting with people in new ways. We are having a full moon in your sign which will be like a rebirth for you: you are giving yourself a rebrand and feel super energized by mid March. 



Queen of Pentacles | Queen of Swords

-The sun is moving through your 6th house of health, fitness, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness and service given. During Aquarius season, my beloved Libra, you have seen the collective go bonkers and have tried to be the safe  shore in everyone’s turmoil. If you’ve been left unseen and unappreciated, it’s now your time to give back to your self and create habits that attract the people you seek in your life. You are now having the strength to see your own infinite light to mold yourself into the person you love. And so because you are creating these healthy new routines for you and as your ruling planet moves from Capricorn into Aquarius at the end of March, the world is ready to receive you again.

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