Your May 2021 Monthly Horoscope
Wow, so much has changed for us here in London in the last month - and things are still in flux! One thing’s for sure, and that’s that we’ve once again sat down virtually with Agne Aurelia, London based astrologer and founder of Sirius Rising - @siriusrising_astrology. Agne uses astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery and healing and is here to shed some light on what the month of May has in store.

Agne is here with mixed news. After a positive month of April for all signs, May will be charged with some uncomfortable energies as we enter Eclipse season!

Remember - The May horoscope is a general guideline to navigate the month for each Archetype. We are our charts, not just our Sun/Rising Sign. Read your monthly horoscopes below to see what the next 31 days may have in store for you…


Aries Rising or Aries
Aries, May is calling you to reflect on your relationship with finances and the natural world. Your values surrounding money might have changed during the pandemic. Are you over consuming to keep up with your peers? Time to detach from the crowd mentality and manifest abundance and financial security on your terms. How sustainable is your idea of abundance? How much does it differ from what you have picked up whilst growing up? Avoid impulsive spending and over-indulgence in drink, food and fast fashion. Instead empower your body and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Spend time in nature, charge your energy, give back, plant a tree, clean your local park of plastic, donate old clothes, recycle.

You might feel stuck in limbo in your career. What are your authentic goals? Are you staying in your comfort zone and perpetual sense of dullness out of fear of losing safety? Let old aspirations leave your life and embrace your new purpose. Second half of the month is great to expand your network, embrace new ways of thinking.

Pay attention to people you meet now, you might be exposed to liberating information, while outdated beliefs will be highlighted and ready to be transformed.


Taurus Rising or Taurus

Taurus, Happy Birthday! Time to shine! Move away from society’s standards of beauty and success and truly celebrate your individuality. Fall in love with your body, accepting it for what it is: an artwork of nature.

Connect to your values and ideals and express them through creative projects. Think where do you yearn to be more authentic and independent? Perhaps your career feels restrictive and authoritative figures are keeping you on a tight leash? Stand in your power and be proud of your uniqueness. Defy expectations, not to shock or impress, but because it feels good in your body.

Second half of the month is great to think of new ways of earning money. A bounty might be coming your way through your network. Time to make new connections as Jupiter in your 11th house will bring opportunities through acquaintances and teamwork.

End of the month will bring the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and force you to work with your shadow. Old psychological conditioning surrounding intimacy and control will be revealed. Use this opportunity to heal and let go of unconscious patterns which stifle your growth. 


Gemini Rising or Gemini 

Gemini, use the first half of the month to work with your shadow and banish fears. Stellium in your 12th house will highlight insecurities connected to your finances and body image. Distance yourself from societal expectations or dated standards. Explore outdoor sports. See how capable and strong your body is and what amazing experiences it brings! Avoid spontaneous spending, instead connect with Mama Earth, do some yoga in a park, long walks in the forest, take a trip to the beach.

Second half of the month will be super active! Your fresh ideas might not be for everyone, but will certainly get you noticed! A dream job or project might present itself to you. But you need to do your bit! Connect, take action, actively build new contacts.

End of the month will bring Lunar Eclipse in the house of partnerships. Important relationships will be challenged. You might find it difficult to compromise your authentic goals for the sake of a stagnant connection. Speak your truth, a resolution might be a conversation away. Remember, the right people will always be open to compromise. However, if it’s impossible to reason, perhaps the relationship has run its course and it’s time to say goodbye, gracefully and with love. 


Cancer Rising or Cancer

Cancer, the first half of the month might feel truly magical! Connect to your wildest dreams, manifest and believe: great things can happen! Influential people might empower you and open doors to work on collaborative projects. With Mars in your first house you will have enough fighting spirit to reach for your ambitions. Opportunities might arise from foreign lands, studies and publishing.

Second half of the month will feel slower. With stellium in your 12th house and Saturn on the 8th you might feel tired and pensive. Don’t dwell on the negative, use this time to lift any self-imposed restrictions and sabotage beliefs. Reconnect to the universe and ask for guidance. Lunar Eclipse in your 6th House will highlight your work and daily routine. Are you feeling overlooked, or perhaps struggling with the never ending trail of tasks? Declutter your routine, make time to rest and get inspired! You are good enough, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t settle.

Remember your thoughts and words have immense power to attract abundance. So communicate with hope and optimism and trust the flow of life. Good things are just around the corner!


Leo Rising or Leo

Dear Leo, May will be a colourful month for you. Stellium in Taurus will light up the area of worldly achievements and call you to take a risk in your professional life. Your career might get a complete reset. Clinging to a safe, but perhaps a boring job will only bring disruptions. Be brave and take the step towards something that both scares and excites you. Take notice, stellar opportunities might be disguising themselves as setbacks while seemingly promising offers might turn out to have many flaws. To ensure you are making the right move, crystallise your values. Are they in-line with your long term goals?

Second half of the month will be great to collaborate with fellow talents and work on bigger projects. While Lunar Eclipse, in Sagittarius might bring some sort of culmination in your romantic life. The partnership will either completely transform or end.

Try not to get too sucked into romantic drama. Instead spend more time nurturing your friendships, hobbies and collaborating with your tribe on professional projects. 


Virgo Rising or Virgo

Virgo, the first half of the month might bring sudden changes in your studies, travel plans or foreign contacts. Make sure everything is super transparent. Do not haste booking a holiday or committing to a PDH/ training course, wait until you have more information.

Second half of the month is a wonderful time to work on your career. Approach your work with fresh eyes, connect to new people and collaborate, opportunities might be life changing. Saturn in the 6th house will demand to get down to business. It’s good to get things done, just be careful not to overwork yourself! Your family might miss your presence or perhaps they won’t be as enthusiastic about your career choices. Emotional explosion might follow. But do not threat, resolution is only a conversation away! Jupiter crossing over the 7th house of partnerships might bring a romance of a lifetime! You will see your lover through rose coloured glasses.

Enjoy, but be careful Pluto in your 5th house is calling to resolve and transform old relationship patterns! Don’t repeat mistakes from the past. Use this opportunity to reflect how you love and want to be loved. Show up in a relationship with a vulnerable and open heart. 


Libra Rising or Libra

Libra, May might be quite an emotionally turbulent month. Stellium with chaotic Uranus and Lilith in your 8th house of subconsciousness will force you to declutter your psyche. It’s okay to feel vulnerable, it might seem like the old you is dying. Perhaps you are recovering from a painful breakup, loss of financial stability or resurfacing trauma. Nurture yourself, take it easy, good to immerse yourself in meditation, crystal work and astrological practices. Shed those parts of you which have been outgrown, so you can move into a bright future.

Second half of the month will require a lot of energy to prove yourself at work. Perhaps you need to prepare for an important presentation or are going through series of interviews; you will be facing competition. Know that your shrewd calculated steps combined with natural charm will make you victorious in the end.

Strengthening your skills or gaining new qualifications, might prove to be very advantageous. Take a course or a training. Not only you will gain confidence and have tons of fun, new connections will prove to be immensely useful in the future!


Scorpio Rising or Scorpio

Scorpio, May will bring exciting and unorthodox partnerships in both your professional and romantic lives. If you are working in a creative field you might get abundant opportunities for self expression.

From the second half of the month romance and intimacy is on the cards. Your bond with your partner will be deepened both physically and emotionally. If you are single, consider organising dates, you have a great chance to find someone who really gets you! Fall in love, deeply!

End of the month will bring an eclipse in your 2nd house of finances. Emergency spendings might leave you feeling financially unstable. Great time to reevaluate your savings? Are you overspending? Or perhaps new investment channels are worth considering? Financial detriment might come from business partners who focus too much on money alone. Seek to team up with people who champion sustainable business models and stay clear of mindless capitalism. Home might require your attention, make a long term commitment to save up for that mortgage or home repairs. You’ll thank yourself for that in the future.


Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius

Dear Sag, the first half of the month might feel super busy and hectic. Having long term goals will help you to stay grounded. Errands and tasks might pop up out of nowhere. Embrace quickened pace and resist the temptation to jump from task to task. Try not to rush things. Sloppiness will be more noticeable than usual. If your approach is no longer effective, explore new ways to go about the day to increase your productivity.

Communication might be challenged. Turn to your partner for advice; he/she will turn out to be the best teacher and show you new ways to present your ideas with charm and passion.

End of the month will bring a Lunar Eclipse in your first house and highlight where you have to change and what parts of your personality need to be released. Emotions might be running high. Expect some sort of tension with your partner, be careful not to take it all on them. Put your differences aside and have an open heart-to-heart. Honest conversation might bring you closer than ever. 


Capricorn Rising or Capricorn

Capricorn, your social calendar will be very busy, you’ll be ready to party and re-enter the dating scene! With temperamental Uranus in your 5th house romantic encounters might not last, but most certainly will be unforgettable. However, in a mist of this exciting kaleidoscope be careful not to overspend. Purchases made in the first half of the month might appear to be pointless by the end of May.

Second half of the month is great to boost your productivity. Work will be very busy with new projects and responsibilities. Working as a team will help you to stay on top of things.

Pluto Retrograde in your 1st house might make you quite pensive. An inner battle might be taking place. You will have a desire to wipe the slate clean, have a complete reset in life. However, fear of the unknown might hold you back. Remember to become your best self, you cannot go back to the past or cling to old beliefs. Lunar Eclipse in your 12th House will expose your fears and inner insecurities. It’s a good time to retreat and take a break. Be gentle with yourself and manifest a bright future. 


Aquarius Rising or Aquarius

Aquarius, first half of the month might be a great time to move house, or put down an offer for a mortgage. Keep your eyes peeled. Your dream house might pop out of the thin air! However, make sure you are discriminative and detached, go for something which truly feels like home and supports a sustainable lifestyle. Choosing something which looks impressive on paper, might only leave you disappointed in the end.

Second half of the month an unexpected bounty might come your way, enjoy! All month, you’ll put a lot of energy into work. It might seem there are not enough hours in a day. Can be tricky to finish tasks, expect to do lots of touching up. The greatest anti-stress will be your love life! Second half of the month brings someone special, who will support the person you are becoming! It will feel like destiny has brought you together, so don’t snooze!

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius might bring a closure to a friendship or two. Heated debates can destroy bonds. Be careful not to burn any bridges, keep your cool and remember it’s okay to have different opinions. 


Pisces Rising or Pisces

Pisces, first half of the month, might bring a lot of new connections. Be careful, there might be a few rotten eggs in the basket. Before trusting anyone with important information, check if your values align.

Pluto Retrograde in your 11th house will encourage you to re-evaluate your friendships, make sure that new friends are ones which inspire you to feel safe, proud of your body and support your authentic expression.

Second half of the month you will be especially attractive, ethereal, others will be enthralled by your beauty, kindness and enthusiasm. You will take it upon yourself to organise get togethers in freshly re-opened pubs and bars. Pisces, you’ll be having a great deal of fun! Sagittarius Eclipse in your 10th house might bring some sort of closure in your professional life. If you are tired of your current role, perhaps you will gather the courage to leave and look for a more suitable option. You might even consider adjusting your career so you can work from home permanently. In fact, the second half of the month is great to make long term plans: settling down, buying a house or simply researching the current market.

April 29, 2021 — Polly Pritchett