Your May 2022 Monthly Horoscope
We've reached out to astrologer and spiritualist, Michelle - @michelle_fromthemoon - for some much needed guidance for May. Michelle takes advice from the moon, using the moon's cycles and astrology to provide direction and encourage self-discovery. Continue reading below to hear everything you need to know for the month ahead!
~ Welcome to magical May ~


The sun is moving through sensual and earthy Taurus for the most part of May. But this month could bring in a few turbulent transits, lots of high energy & some aspects of rethinking. We will go through retrospect and review certain themes that are important to us. Mercury retrograde in Gemini will be all about revisiting, renewing, reevaluating & realigning all of our relationships especially in regards to how we think & speak about them, and how we connect with them. 

This will be a highly fertile season as we are in eclipse szn, the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th lead us into the new month. 

Read below how this months astrology will impact your horoscope & channel the tarot cards for some extra guidance. 


The Fool | 4 Of Wands

The sun is moving through your 7th house of relationships, marriage, business partners, contracts and interpersonal style. 

You have been thinking about your long term goals that you want to pursue yet feel as though you don't have the power to do that right now. This week you will be preparing to juggle multiple priorities and will be making choices regarding these long term goals. Be careful, this may start a disagreement between you and a loved one. Think logically and practically and good things will come. 

Affirmation: “Its make or break time.”


Ace of Cups | 10 of Cups

The sun is moving through your 6th house of health, fitness, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness and service given. 

You feel like you don't have the power to start a new opportunity so you have been stalling on making a decision. This week you will gain hope regarding someone whom you may have a crush on. Destiny will be at play this week as you gain control and follow your heart.

Affirmation: “Emotions are running high!”


6 of Wands

The sun is moving through your 5th house of romance, love, play, self-expressions and creativity. 

You have been manifesting and keeping your guard up because you are hoping for something. This week you are going to have the courage to follow your heart and take action. But your intuition is going to kick in and you are going to feel a little intimidated because this involves a person that is special to you.

Affirmation: “Conclusions are within reach!”

The Strength | 6 of Wands

 The sun is moving through your 4th house of home, divine mother and roots. 

You’ve been wanting to explore something that you feel will be a success so you are going to decide to move forward. This week you are going to speak your truth to someone regarding a new romantic beginning, this will be an accomplishment as you begin this new opportunity that you have been fantasizing about.

Affirmation: “Expect powerful change.” 

The Magician
The sun moves through your 3rd house of communication and social affairs. 

A collaboration made you realize something regarding a commitment. This week you are going to work carefully towards your long term goals that you have a lot of hope for, but a difficult decision this week is going to be made by using your intuition regarding two choices.

Affirmation: “I have faith in my dreams.”

High Priestess | Strength

The sun moves through your second house of safety, foundations and home. You have been trying to stay in control after learning the truth about a situation that caused you to walk away. This week you are going to take action, get out of your slump and follow your intuition in moving forward to a new beginning in your love life.

Affirmation: “I won’t allow pride get in my way.”


The Moon | 10 of Pentacles

The sun is moving through your 1st house house of self this month. 

You desire to be in control of your life and financial security. This week your intuition is going to tell you to follow your heart and start something new. Whatever this new thing is, it is going to bring major change to your life and its going to be a success because you followed your intuition.

Affirmation: “A new Cycle begins.”


The Sun | The Tower

The sun is moving through your 12th house of endings, healing, closure, karma, dreams spiritually, what’s hidden, limiting beliefs and the subconscious. You have been focusing on yourself because you feel like you don't have the power to start something new. This week a huge realization will have you moving towards someone who walked away in the past and its going to restore your compassion.

Affirmation: “The end of a tough cycle approaches & I am ready for new beginnings, to feel the sunshine. ”


King of Pentacles

The sun is moving through your 11th house of social awareness, hopes and wishes, technology, friends, humanitarianism, freedom and the future.

You walked away from someone who was too impulsive. This week you are determined to juggle multiple priorities that you have been worrying about but you have faith that you are in control. The upcoming plots retrograde in Capricorn will be very insightful for you showing you where you might have some regrets to of course correct, and step outside of your comfort zone this Taurus szn ~ all your wishes hide there.

Affirmation: “I Work through my fears with full trust and believe.” 


The Lovers

The sun is moving through your 10th house of career, long term goals, structure, reputation, public image, masculinity and men.

You have been thinking about talking to someone who you have been daydreaming about because you feel they may become very special to you or could even be your Twinflame. This week someone you have known for a while will be offering you a new opportunity, but you will feel conflicted about this because you are aware there was a third party situation involved. Always go with your gut instincts, but after-all, this person might be right for you. 

Affirmation: ”A fiery climax approaches.”


10 of Wands | The Star  

The sun is moving through your 9th house of expansion, travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education, learnings and ethics.

You have been looking at the big picture regarding your life as you seek inner guidance about something you’ve been holding on to. This week an announcement will be made that you have worried about because it involves someone whom you thought you would end up with. You will think with your head and not your heart because as this chapter closes, a new chapter begins bringing room for change.

Affirmation: “I don't look back, I stay focused on moving forward.”


Queen of Pentacles | Queen of Swords

The sun moves through your 8th house of merging, sex, intimacy, inheritance, taxes, goals and mystery. 

You took action to start a collaboration with someone who you may have been fantasizing about. This week a connection that you thought was never going to start because you didn't think it was possible will actually have you feeling balanced because an exchange is going to be made with this person bringing change to your life.

Affirmation: “I’m moving forward with as little resistance as possible.”

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