Your November 2021 Monthly Horoscope
We've reached out to astrologer and spiritualist, Michelle - @michelle_fromthemoon - for some much needed guidance for November.
Michelle takes advice from the moon, using the moon's cycles and astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery. Continue reading below to hear everything you need to know for the month ahead!

Hello inspiring November 

We feel inspired, transformed, brand new and just lighter as we leave the turbulence of Libra Season behind and we step into November with a lot of transformative energy with the Sun and Mars in the sign of Scorpio. By the 5th we will have 4 planets ushering in Pluto, transformation, into all of our lives. With that November brings a movement in our passions, pockets, privacy, patience, and peace of mind as we finally leave Mercury retrograde and his shenanigans in the winds:

What November is ushering in: Manifesting Dreams     

We entered this month with the Nu Moon in Scorpio energy and ended it with a full moon / partial solar eclipse in Taurus, which is big and dramatic.

The Sun and Mars will give us our energy and motivation to take action forward as we revisit the past for one last time, to step into our fates that the partial eclipse will kick off on the 19th, with open arms.


Remember to Always Trust Yourself First

3 of Swords | Page of Coins 
Scorpio, this month you are finding truth, power, and divinity in who you truly are. You are moving away from difficult situations and surrounding yourself in power, love, home, and your finances. The empress understands her abundance, and that she flows and gives birth to her desires. You find yourself feeling worthy of what your heart has wished for a very long time. It was always there, the decision was just always up to you. Now you finally feel ready, now you see your worth, now you see the light in your being and that it is a magnet to all that is good and destined for yourself.

Advice: Pick your head up and hold it high. It's been a long time coming, and maybe you've sat with a decision for a very long time and you’ve made the move towards destiny. Trust that change is constant, and just like the leaves falling off of a tree it takes trust to know that there is life and fulfilment on the other side of loss.

{ Channeled song: Tems (feat. Brent Faiyaz) ~ Found } 



2 of Swords | 10 of Pentacles
Sagittarius, there is someone who wants to come in with a commitment, maybe marriage, a proposal, but for some reason you aren't feeling ready. It could also be a promotion, or something along the lines that will help you elevate your financial status. Be careful not to stall, or self sabotage your way out of these blessings. This month you're being asked to get clear with what it is that you want so that Eclipse Season can deliver this as we move into your season. See what it is you're truly resisting here, and how you can go about it in a clear and conscientious way... 

Advice: I see this offer is one that is destined for you. Don't let a mental conflict and fear deter you from what is rightfully yours. You've worked long and hard for this to finally manifest once Mercury leaves its shadow phase (during the first and second week of November) you start to see clearly how you feel about things. So make decisions then.

If you have a yes or no question: it’s a yes!

{ Channeled song: Donell Jones ~ U Know What’s Up }



Queen of Swords | King of Pentacles
Capricorn, you're feeling restless and tired of waiting. It's important to be patient as the Universe is testing you to see what you're willing to put up with and to see how flexible you can be. I feel this is the final test, and you're going to meet with the big boss to close out the cycle. You are ready to fight for what is yours, and by no means necessary are you willing to settle. There is someone in your life, possibly a boss, who wants to change the work environment and expand your trust.

Advice: Think like a boss, what would you do if you were your own boss? How can you level up financially on your own if you're an aspiring entrepreneur? There is a lot to learn from this person when it comes to running a business, learn what you can and apply/ DO. The Queen of Swords doesn't have time for the ego from the King of Pentacles, and she's always ready to cut out the bulls*!t. 

So drop the ego and “get your hands dirty”

{ Channeled song: Pop Smoke ~ Tunnel Vision } 



The Emperor | The World
Aquarius, you're stepping into a whole new world, are you ready to know what this feels like? You've transformed so much and are sitting on your throne as the emperor. You know this is your time. You know this is exactly what you deserve, after doing the soul work and recognizing your mistakes. Share your knowledge of self growth and authenticity with others so that they can also join you on the other side of self empowerment.

Advice: This newness will be felt in every area of your life, you will see that the sun has shined for you, and that the moon has been there all along as your best friend showing you what was lurking within the shadows. 

{ Channeled song: Aaliyah ~ Beats 4 Da Streets }



Ten of Swords | Ace of Swords
Pisces, you have worked so hard and come to the end of a path that was long and hard on the soul. The Universe sends you strength and supports you in all the swords used against you in the name of justice. You may find out some disappointing news this month from a friend but this is your time to rise like the Phoenix. No matter how much this hurts, the truth is your greatest weapon, and it will show you how being you was never the cause for backstabbing. These people surrounding you were never capable of reaching you where you are so they tore you down.

Advice: There will be justice, and you walking away is just that. As you walk away you get stronger, and more assertive about the things you say and the things you want in life. This rebirth gives you the final push to stay committed to YOU and no one else. This changes everything for you, there will be no more excuses for why people treat you how they do. 

You will no longer tolerate being taken for granted or disrespected. You're standing strong and gracefully in your power. 

{ Channeled song: Mary J. Blige ~ No One Else } 




High Priestess | Strength
Aries, this month is all about following your intuition and getting in touch with that deep, patient and emotional side of yourself. Whether you're called to make some risky decisions, take bold moves, or completely lift the veil of perception, it’s going to take understanding of your essence and power to do so. Your 3rd eye is opening this month to reveal the truth about yourself and how you play a part in being the creator of your reality.

Advice: Trust your strength and divine power (intuition) to give you the push you need to make decisions. Some of them will feel natural, others will be difficult but when you follow your heart and trust your intuition the impossible becomes possible.

{ Channeled song: Frank Ocean ~ Forrest Gump }



Four of Cups | Temperance
Taurus, this month practices the patience learned in Libra season when feeling discontent ~ we are in your opposite sign, so you will benefit from the fated energies coming in especially around the 19th of November with the full moon partial solar eclipse in your sign! Remember, sometimes it's a blessing that things don't happen when and how you want them to.

Advice: The angels are stepping in to bring balance and harmony to your emotions. When you are patient and learn that optimism is embedded in faith you will see how the shift in your reality is based on how you view it. The stars and planets are transmuting right now, sit with how you feel, and explore yourself.

The best is yet to come. 

{ Channeled song: Cassie ~ Me & You }



9 of Wands | 8 of Cups
Gemini, you've finally decided to walk away from being the burden keeper. You realize all the pressure you've put on yourself, and that in the end walking away was the best choice, because you choose yourself. You're willing to explore the deepest parts of yourself, getting vulnerable this month, because the truth is that you've had enough. 

Advice: no need for trust issues baby, get into yourself and trust the pure gem you are. Don't look back, and make sure whatever path you take this month feels right. How will you know? Because your heart feels excited and that feeling in your gut won't stop nagging till you take the steps you are destined to take.

Trust yourself on this powerful and transformational journey you're on this month.

{ Channeled song: H.E.R.~ Focus }



9 of Cups | 10 of Cups
Cancer, this month you are closing out a cycle, I’m hearing this could've been a 9 year or even 9 month cycle for some of you. Your financial situation is changing this month as well, you'll be receiving gifts from the universe that are aligning to your new vibration. Your wish fulfilment is here, you can finally relax, and enjoy life.

Advice: Your karma is looking beautiful. You're more confident in your endeavours and who you are as an individual.

This is happiness, and fulfilment EMBODIED.

{ Channeled song: Al Green ~ Sure Feels Good }




7 of Wands RX | The High Priestess RX
Leo, this month you clearly see what wounds have been highlighted, and the pattern of how you choose to process emotions. It all makes sense this season. Defense of something in a situation is dissolving to bring union and harmony which will eventually give you the opportunity to “drop your guard” more, and get to know yourself and someone else on a deeper level, if you're open.

Advice: Follow your intuition, and ACTUALLY do the shadow work it takes to heal. Your higher self is asking you to be neutral, and non reactive and that whatever is currently showing up for you is a reflection of yourself.

{ Channeled song: OSHUN ~ Solar Plexus }



The Tower | The Sun 
Virgo, in order for things to get rebuilt, something has to get torn apart. You’ve allowed the tower to fall so gracefully. Now trust me, the Universe has your back and will bring you something better. You've worked on your boundaries and now the Universe is going to test how strong they are. The worst is over.

Advice: Don't allow others to rain on your parade, they've done that enough. Hit them with the peace sign and tell them to keep it pushing! Deuces get into the Scorpio spirit!!

{ Channeled song: Nao ~ Happy } 



10 of Pentacles
Libra, this month your will power is on display for everyone to see. I hope they understand that if they aren't helping you they need to get out of the way... and I mean FAST! You're full of inspiration and great ideas. This month it’s time for you to do the work by taking action. You are going to meet some amazing new people this month who will empower you and help you build your legacy. Just keep your boundaries up and seek out the talkers from supporters.

Advice: Trust your vision & be discerning. The energy exchange you'll be receiving this month is one for the books so get to writing, journaling, write everything down! 

{ Channeled song: 2Pac ~ Only God Can Judge Me } 


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