Your September 2021 Monthly Horoscope
Once again, we’ve once sat down virtually with Agne Aurelia, London based astrologer and founder of Sirius Rising - @siriusrising_astrology. Agne uses astrology to provide guidance and encourage self-discovery and healing and is here to shed some light on what the month of September has in store.

Agne is here to provide some guidance for the month ahead. As our social lives are back in full swing and travel plans might finally be on the cards, how will we navigate Mercury going into Retrograde late this month?

Remember - The September horoscope is a general guideline to navigate the month for each Archetype. We are our charts, not just our Sun/Rising Sign. Read your monthly horoscopes below to see what the next 30 days may have in store for you…

Aries Rising or Aries

Aries, the first half of the month will be super busy. Expect your workload to increase. To avoid burnout, think of ways to work smarter, not harder. From the 15th Mars will move into Libra, which might be an awkward position for you, fiery Aries. You are used to charging headfirst towards your goals, but Libra is asking you to negotiate and ensure everyone around you is happy. If you’ll manage to curb your desire to jump into action and instead run things through with partners, it is a great month to strengthen all your relationships. Mercury going into retrograde, might surface up any unresolved issues. Use this opportunity to clear the air.

Taurus Rising or Taurus
Taurus, September is a lovely month to fall in love or strengthen your commitment with a significant other. Sun and Mars will reside in your 5th house of pleasure and romance, while Venus will move into the 7th house of long term partnership. If you are single, make space in your heart for that special someone. If you are in a relationship, if it feels good, take things to the next level. The second half of the month will get really busy for you professionally. Colleagues will require your help and expertise. However the end of the month may point to mistakes or miscommunication at work. To avoid delays, do your best to make sure everyone’s on the same page.


Gemini Rising or Gemini

Gemini, on the 7th of September we are having a New Moon in your 4th house of home. It’s a magical time to manifest abundance for your family and connect closer to relatives and ancestors. Lilith and North Node will also be in conjunction in your first house of Self. It’s a karmic time, when you are called to step up into a higher frequency. Connect to the truth, fight for what you believe in, step out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to stand out or receive criticism. The karmic lesson here is to be completely transparent, kind and authentic in the way you communicate. Avoid easy ways out, half truths and insincerity. Speaking the truth you will create peace in your inner world and possibilities in the external world.


Cancer Rising or Cancer
Cancer, September is one of the better months this year. The first half will feel busy socially and be a good time to expand contacts. Into the second half, the energy will slow down. You’ll be drawn to spend more time at home. Venus crossing your 5th house of romance and fun can bring a passionate affair or reignite a spark into your love life. Mercury stationing retrograde in your 4th house might bring to your attention some unresolved things at home. From DIY projects you’ve been putting off, legal documents regarding your rent/mortgage or simply disagreements with housemates/partner on how to manage your space, these will come to the surface. Stay diplomatic and any hiccups will soon be resolved.


Leo Rising or Leo

Leo, the first half of September put your energy into earning money. You have a chance to increase your finances through practical, productive efforts and hard work. Second half of the month will be rich with new contacts and pleasant social gatherings. Just make sure not to get into a big mess with Mercury stationing Retrograde on the 27th. Social pleasantries are nice, just make sure you are not misinterpreting other people’s words. Lead with example, communicate with clarity and most importantly do not assume! With Venus in the 4th house of home, you might be inclined on spending lavishly to improve your living space. Remember, all is good with moderation.


Virgo Rising or Virgo
Virgo, Happy Birthday! The Sun is shining for you! You might be presented with new opportunities to increase your income and expand contacts. On the 7th we have the New Moon in your sign, the perfect time to manifest the year ahead! What are your plans and aspirations, how do you want to be seen, where do you want your career to take you? With North Node and Lilith conjoined in the house of achievement, don’t be afraid to take a risk and follow your true dreams! Be transparent, this is a karmic conjunction and any attempt to manipulate, lie or withhold truth will come back to bite you later. Your ruler Mercury will station Retrograde by the end of the month. If you are negotiating finances, to avoid disappointment, make sure you’re on the same page with clients/employers.


Libra Rising or Libra

Libra, the first half of the month might feel a bit drowsy. This will be a great time to relax, spend some time in nature, meditate and do some shadow work. Don’t force things. The second half of September is much more luminous! You will be assertive, popular and more charming than ever. Your energy levels will soar and you might be presented with new opportunities to increase your finances. The end of the month might bring tension and misunderstandings through communication. Don’t try so hard to please everyone, stick to your principles and avoid giving out promises you may not be able to keep.


Scorpio Rising or Scorpio
 Scorpio, the first half of the month is great for collaborative work and big projects. You will have enough willpower to see things through. From the 15th the energy will shift inwards, making this a good time to finish off projects, don’t start anything new. Schedule some quality time for me time. Meditate, do some healing and crystal work. Mercury retrograding in your 12th house might bring back some old hurts or insecurities. Do a cord-cutting ceremony and immerse in self-care practices. With Venus in the first house you might want to treat yourself with beauty procedures or a new, sexy addition to your wardrobe. Why not?


Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius
 Dear Sag, start of the month is looking amazing for your career and public image. Step up into a leadership role and show what you are made of. During the second half, collaborate and negotiate with partners to bring you closer to your dreams. Think, where you would like to see yourself professionally in the following year? Make a plan, don’t even think of taking an easy way out, it’s time to pay attention to details and work hard. The end of September might bring some communication hiccups with your collaborators and friends. Address issues directly and do not gloss things over, this will pass.


Capricorn Rising or Capricorn
Capricorn, the first half of the month is great to sort out any unfinished business with foreign projects, applications, etc. Moving into the second half will bring a surge of fresh energy into your professional life. A new job opportunity or project that can be life changing. It doesn’t hurt to team up and seek collaborators who share your passion. Support can come from powerful and influential figures. Make sure all this success does not go into your head. Remember to treat your team and those juniors fairly. Lilith will conjunct North Node in your 6th house, showing up as a karmic test. Lead with example, share information, and empower those around you.


Aquarius Rising or Aquarius
 Aquarius, the first half of the month is good to immerse yourself in therapy work exploring your subconscious blocks. If you have done that already, perhaps you will feel compelled to build an intimate relationship with someone close to your heart. Anything superficial will lose its shine and you will need deep connection, vulnerability and passion. The second half of the month is great to travel abroad, send uni applications, or simply go on a holiday. Just make sure you get back before the 27th as Mercury stationing retrograde might mess up your travel plans!


Pisces Rising or Pisces
 Pisces, September is your relationship month. Negotiate your standing with business partners, you will feel confident about your abilities and a reward is due. Hold off from investing. What might seem like a good idea, can collapse like house of cards by the end of the month. It's time to further commit to your romantic partner, you will feel closer than ever. If you have any doubts, communicate with vulnerability and honesty. Do not try to please others, hold your boundaries. Mercury stationing retrograde is giving you a rare chance to untangle anything which has been long ignored. All will be well.

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