We caught up Allie & Lexi, AKA The Kaplan Twins - artists, social media influencers and reality TV stars ahead of the launch of their print collection on TWIIN to get the low down on working with your twin and twinning in LA - here's what they had to say.

TWIIN: Let’s start by asking you about what it means to work with your twin.

TKT: “It can be challenging at times but it’s rewarding to be able to create with your best friend! 

TWIIN: Was it always going to be the Kaplan Twins?

TKT: When we were in school we were working separately but at a certain point we said to each other “this is dumb, we’re doing the same thing and it’s so much more fun when we work together so why not just make it a full time thing?”

TWIIN: How does being a twin and working with your twin affect the work and the process?

TKT: We’re usually on the same page when it comes to creative ideas. We make a good team! Even if it feel sometimes like we boss each other around.

TWIIN: How would you describe your work to someone coming to it for the first time?

TKT: Relatable.

TWIIN: If there was one message you wanted to communicate through the work, what would it be?

TKT: I think with everything going on in the world it’s OK to not take yourself and everything too seriously, to laugh a little joke a little. We need that light and positivity. 


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