TWIIN is London’s first LA concept store and is, as the name suggests, a celebration of twinning. We want to focus on the similarities and connections between the 2 cities rather than the differences… Just like London, LA is a city where connectivity counts; you need a key to access the secret garden.  By showcasing emerging fashion labels, musicians, experiential events, the LA underground art scene, social and environmental trends, Twiin intends to peel back the curtain, allowing our customers exclusive access to the “hidden LA” subculture. By drifting beyond fashion we aim to make Twiin a lifestyle choice and a community.

Having said that, fashion is still our main focus and we are working hard to bring emerging LA fashion talent to the UK. The brands that we are partnering with are driven either by social networking, social consciousness or social tech… They have been chosen to reflect the diversity of the city (whilst still appealing to the UK consumer).

Our concept subscribes to the idea that the “heart feels”, and focuses on sustainability, inclusivity, ethically conscious products and processes. We are trying, wherever possible, to introduce sustainable brands to our story, but we will never introduce a label only because of environmental credentials. Our labels need to stand up firstly from a quality and aesthetic perspective, only then and by that standard can we affect fundamental change towards sustainably produced fashion.  

Our store in Coal Drops Yard and the community around it is inclusive and democratic-centred around our three core values; Fun, Feel, Friendship. We don't discriminate and we try to offer a representation for everyone. Life is serious enough, our concept is light-hearted and free spirited. We want our customers to enjoy great adventures and small pleasures. We know that fashion and true style means when you feel good, you look good, a vibe straight out of LA.