Our vision is to create a place where people can feel the LA spirit, take a break from everyday life and shop fashionable, eclectic clothing that lasts. We ensure that the products from our sustainable brands are not just ethical and conscious, but durable and of high quality.

Our brands pride themselves in having longevity in your wardrobe, never created to be worn once and then replaced by the newest trend. The durability and timelessness of our brands means that you’ll want to keep the products forever. We’re very much supporters of the slow fashion movement, and fully support “buy less, wear more”. Not only because of the harm that fast-fashion causes to our environment, but also as a reaction to the very concept of wasteful consumption.

We are far from perfect, and have a long way to go to meet all of our goals, but we promise you that we do care, we do listen, we ask lots of questions and we always strive for growth. We recognise that purchases are becoming more considered and purpose-led, and the consumer longs for a more personal and less transactional shopping experience – both on and off-line. This is why we’re building a community of like-minded people who share the same values across sustainability, fashion and lifestyle choices.

Aside from sustainability, we are also fully inclusive and rejoice in supporting female designers. From Kimberley Gordon at Selkie, to The Kaplan Twins, to Francesca Aiello at Frankies Bikinis, to Gloria Noto at Noto Botanics.